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The Ambler Gazette - - OPINION - By Mike Prince

In a game which fea­tured plenty of of­fense on both enGV RI WKe fielG, WKe ulWiPDWe out­come came down to a sin­gle penalty kick in ex­tra time fol­low­ing what some be­lieved was a ques­tion­able call.

“I was sur­prised by the FDll,” 6pUinJ­fielG FRDFK Dan Meder said. “I thought WKey weUe ERWK fiJKWinJ IRU the ball and I thought there were a lot of plays throughout the game like that which were no-calls and I just don’t think you can give the game DwDy Rn WKDW FDll.”

Af­ter Wis­sahickon’s Matt Knit­tel was awarded a penalty kick with less than two min­utes re­main­ing in exWUD WiPe, WKe Mu­niRU IRUwDUG put a shot in the back of net and gave the Tro­jans a 3-2 viFWRUy RveU WKe 6pDUWDnV in D 6uEuUEDn 2ne APeUi­can Con­fer­ence matchup at 6pUinJ­fielG HiJK 6FKRRl Rn Mon­day af­ter­noon.

Af­ter nei­ther team was able to score in the game’s fiUVW 34 Pin­uWeV, WKe WwR teams com­bined to record four goals be­tween the 35th Pin­uWe DnG 70WK Pin­uWe, wiWK :iVVDKiFNRn (3-1, 2-0) DnG 6pUinJ­fielG (2-2, 1-1) swap­ping leads in each half.

TKe 6pDUWDnV, wKR DUe in WKeiU fiUVW yeDU EDFN in WKe 62L APeUiFDn CRnIeUenFe, got the scor­ing started with sopho­more Ri­ley Woron took a cross from se­nior Nick Em­mett and beat Wis­sahickon goal­keeper Trey Guaglionone for the game’s fiUVW JRDl.

In WKe VeFRnG KDlI, WKe TUR­jans needed only one minute WR JeW WKe JDPe WieG, DV .niWWel VFRUeG KiV fiUVW JRDl RII of a cor­ner. Just 10 min­utes lDWeU, DevRn 0ePiV WRRN a pass from Pat Mag­dalin­ski and put Wis­sahickon up 2-1. BuW IRuU Pin­uWeV lDWeU,

SSrLng­fieOd’s PeWer True­man Wook a Oong Sass from WLOO Lam­berW and chLSSed LW Ln over Whe Tro­jans’ goaO­keeSer Wo WLe Whe game aW 2-2.

“We were con­cerned wLWh how we’d come ouW afWer SOayLng a hard week of games OasW week agaLnsW some good Weams,” WLs­sahLckon coach SWuarW MaO­coOm saLd. “We knocked Whe baOO around weOO Ln fronW of Whe goaO, buW we dLdn’W have Whe abLOLWy Wo SuW Whe baOO Ln Whe neW as much as we wanWed Wo.”

BuW afWer LW aSSeared WhaW overWLme wouOd be Lm­mL­nenW, Whe Se­naOWy caOO Ln Whe fi­naO mo­menWs of Whe game changed ev­eryWhLng and aOOowed Whe Tro­jans Wo come ouW wLWh WheLr sec­ond Oeague wLn Ln as many oSSorWunLWLes.

“I was haSSy wLWh Whe way we SOayed,” Meder saLd. “We made some mLsWakes Ln Whe back by noW cOearLng Whe baOO weOO, and we OeW Whem back Ln LW a OLWWOe bLW Woo easLOy. You can’W make Whose kLnds of mLsWakes agaLnsW a Weam OLke WLs­sahLckon, whLch Ls weOO-coached and weOO-or­ganLzed. They won’W OeW you geW away wLWh Whose kLnds of mLsWakes, so hoSe­fuOOy we avoLd Whem when we meeW Whem agaLn.”

SSrLng­fieOd, whLch goW five saves from goaO­keeSer CoOLn AxeO Ln Whe OosLng ef­forW, wLOO Oook Wo go back above .500 when LW hosWs USSer Mer­Lon on Wed­nes­day.

For WLs­sahLckon, whLch has now won Whree con­se­cuWLve games, soSho­more John Car­roza earned Whe wLn afWer reSOacLng GuagOLonone Ln Whe 64Wh mLnuWe.

And whLOe Whe Tro­jans have been SOayLng weOO and have Whe wLns Wo show for LW, MaO­coOm Ls sWLOO con­cerned abouW hLs Weam movLng for­ward.

“We Wook Whe chances we goW and Ln Whe end, we were noW so much forWu­naWe Wo geW Whe wLn, buW reOLeved Wo geW Whe wLn,” MaO­coOm saLd. “We were WwLce Ln a SosLWLon where LW Oooked OLke we mLghW noW wLn, so we’re gOad Wo geW ouW of here, buW we have a OoW Wo WaOk abouW Ln SracWLce.”

DesSLWe havLng a much younger Weam WhLs year, KnLWWeO saLd LW’s hLs Weam’s goaO Wo finLsh aWoS Whe AmerL­can Con­fer­ence by sea­son’s end.

“IW was a Wough game Wo­day, buW we’re reaOOy jusW WryLng Wo come uS sWrong Ln Whe Oeague and we came uS sWrong Wo­day,” he saLd. “We’re WryLng Wo geW enough wLns and se­cure a Oead aW Whe WoS of Whe Oeague and WhaW’s where we wanW Wo finLsh.”

Mont­gomery Me­dia / BOB RAINES

Wis­sahickon’s Devon Memis bat­tles Spring­field de­fender Toby Nagel for pos­ses­sion dur­ing Mon­day’s Subur­ban One Amer­i­can Con­fer­ence match.

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