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In his six years at ChelWenKDP, 0DUN :RRGFRFN had never coached his team to a win over Up­per Dublin. That all changed on Wed­nes­day thanks in large part to a player who hasn’t been too unIDPil­iDU wiWK finGinJ WKe back of the net this year.

6eniRU IRUwDUG EPily Lei­bovitz tal­lied a hat trick to Kelp leDG WKe LDGy 3DnWKeUV WR D 3-1 win RveU WKe LDGy CDUGinDlV in D 6uEuUEDn 2ne APeUiFDn CRnIeUenFe matchup in an af­ter­noon afIDiU DW UppeU DuElin HiJK 6FKRRl.

Af­ter only four games WKiV VeDVRn, WKe CKelWenKDP se­nior has now scored a wKRp­pinJ eiJKW JRDlV, wKile KelpinJ WR leDG WKe LDGy 3DnWKeUV (3-1-0, 3-0-0) WR D per­fect record in league play DIWeU WKUee JDPeV, VRPeWKinJ which they have not been used to over the past sev­eral years.

“It feels great to keep win- ninJ,” VDiG LeiERviWz, wKR scored all of her goals in the sec­ond half. “It’s re­ally good to beat Up­per Dublin. My coach hadn’t done so since Ke’V Eeen KeUe, VR iW IeelV JUeDW WR finDlly JeW Rne.”

Chel­tenham and Up­per Dublin played to a scoreleVV fiUVW KDlI, EuW GuUinJ WKe KDlIWiPe PeeWinJ, :RRGFRFN made it known that he was not happy with his team’s play.

And af­ter a talk with his WeDP, WKe LDGy 3DnWKeUV FDPe RuW fiUinJ, VFRUinJ MuVW sev­eral min­utes into the half and then adding an­other one just mo­ments later.

“AW KDlIWiPe, we GeFiGeG we needed to put more efIRUW in WKe JDPe,” :RRGFRFN VDiG. “2uU pKyViFDl eIIRUW in the sec­ond half was a lot betWeU WKDn in WKe fiUVW. :e Nnew WKDW UppeU DuElin wDV D EiJ, strong team and we re­ally let WKeP WDNe iW WR uV in WKe fiUVW KDlI DnG DW KDlIWiPe, RuU JiUlV de­cided that they weren’t go­ing to let that hap­pen and

Whe CardL­naOs’ con­fi­dence, buW Boyer’s Weam had oWher SOans.

FLnLshLng Ln fronW of goaO had been an Ls­sue aOO day for USSer DubOLn, buW Where seemed Wo be a con­fi­dence Ln LWs seW SLe­ces. ThaW con­fi­dence SaLd off wLWh jusW Oess Whan 14 mLnuWes Wo go Ln Whe game when Jen HarchuW Wook a feed from Sam Boyd and hLW LW Woward goaO. The baOO Wook a de­flecWLon off of SheOby Kenny’s sWLck and LnWo Whe neW. The CardL­naOs were back Ln Whe game.

“I’m noW Woo sure whaW haSSened on WhaW goaO, buW I know we were ouW of SosLWLon,” Boyer saLd. “When you are ouW of SosLWLon, a Weam OLke Nor­rLsWown wLOO caSLWaOLze on your mLsWakes.”

Be­fore WLme ran ouW, USSer DubOLn hLW Whe SosW once and mLssed jusW wLde of an emSWy neW WwLce. The couSOe of seW SLe­ces LW was awarded were noW as suc­cess­fuO as Whe one WhaW scored Whe goaO, and couOd noW find Whe eTuaOLzer desSLWe a WLred Nor­rLsWown Weam.

“We need Wo ex­e­cuWe beWWer on cor­ners and we need Wo foOOow Whrough on re­bounds Wo geW sec­ond and WhLrd oSSorWunLWLes Wo score, we are noW doLng WhaW rLghW now,” Boyer saLd. “We are sWLOO WweakLng our OLneuS a bLW, LW’s a Sro­cess.”

The Nor­rLsWown de­fense heOd USSer DubOLn Ln check for Whe mosW SarW, buW Whe goaO was LndL­caWLve of Whe faWLgue WhaW was cOearOy af­fecWLng boWh Weams.

“They keSW comLng back aW us,” SWaufen­berg saLd. “I knew Whey were goLng Wo geW coached aW haOfWLme and Whey dLd and came ouW sWrong. I WhLnk my mLd­fieOd was WLred Wo be honesW wLWh you. We come off a OoW of condLWLonLng over Whe sum­mer.”

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