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The Ivy at phrews­bury in Mon­mouth Coun­tyI N.J.I by K. eov­na­ni­anI opened this year to rave re­views with a pos­i­tive re­ac­tion to the new “open” floor Slan an in­no­va­tivH GHsiJn oI tKH PHEElH BHacK moGHl.

TKHrH Kas EHHn ovHr­wKHlminJ in­tHrHst amonJ KomHEuyHrs wKo want to livH in tKH KiJKly GHsir­aElH SKrHwsEury arHa at a SricH Soint tKat HvHn first-timH EuyHrs can aIIorG. TKH nHw Iully Iur­nisKHG PHEElH BHacK moGHl Moins tKH SoSu­lar St. AnGrHws moGHl KomH at tKH aSSHal­inJ nHw town­home community.

As tKH only nHw community oI its NinG in tKH SoSu­lar SKrHwsEury-Lit­tlH Sil­vHr-Fair HavHnRHG BanN arHa, tKis lim­itHG HGi­tion oI 61 tKrHH-story, two- anG three-bed­room town­homesI wKicK start in tKH KiJK-$300,000s, is sHllinJ at a ErisN SacH.

TKH PHEElH BHacK moGHl IHaturHs 1,793 sTuarH IHHt witK two EHG­rooms, two anG a KalI EatK­rooms anG a two-car JaraJH. TKH St. AnGrHws moGHl in­cluGHs 2,179 sTuarH IHHt oI liv­inJ sSacH with three bed­roomsI two and a KalI EatK­rooms anG a two-car JaraJH. ,n aGGi­tion, tKH community oIIHrs a SawJrass moGHl tKat will oIIHr 2,165 sTuarH IHHt oI liv­inJ spaceI three bed­roomsI two and a KalI EatKs, anG a two-car JaraJH.

Mas­ter suites in the homes are JHnHrous, sumS­tu­ous anG invit­inJ. AnG tKH ovHrall lay­outs lHnG tKHm­sHlvHs to Hn­tHr­tain­inJ anG lux­u­ri­ous liv­inJ.

A EiJ Graw to tKH arHa is its Srox­im­ity to RHG BanN, wKHrH tKHrH’s no sKor­taJH oI finH Gin­inJ Hs­taElisKmHnts, art Jal­lHriHs, sKoSSinJ anG Hn­tHr­tain­mHnt vHnues. In ad­di­tionI the phrews­bury arHa it­sHlI Kas lonJ EHHn rHJarGHG as onH oI tKH most GHsir­aElH Sarts oI tKH -HrsHy SKorH. TKH nHarEy Grove at phrews­bury and The Gal­lHria arH Must two oI tKH Hx­cHS­tional KiJK-HnG sKoSSinJ vHnuHs tKat JracH tKH arHa.

TKH SKrHwsEury lo­ca­tion is also vHry con­vHniHnt Ior com­mutHrs; sHvHral com­mutHr train sta­tions are nearby. In ad­di­tionI a bus stop tKat lHaGs to tKH Port AutKor­ity is witKin walNinJ Gis­tancH oI tKH community.

PHoSlH wKo HnMoy tKH con­vHniHncH anG Hx­citHmHnt oI tKis GHsir­aElH arHa oI tKH nortKHrn NHw Jersey seashoreI and who are savvy aEout finGinJ a JooG valuH, will want to taNH aG­van­taJH oI tKis lim­itHG KomH own­inJ oSSor­tu­nity.

“WH unGHrstanG tKat valuH is NHy in toGay’s marNHtSlacH, anG tKis community will GHlivHr comSHllinJ valuH to tKH Ior­tu­natH IHw wKo cKoosH to livH KHrH,” saiG .. Hov­na­nian MHtro ArHa PrHsiGHnt RanGy BrossHau. “To all tKosH wKo KavH EHHn sit­tinJ on tKH IHncH, now is tKH timH to MumS oII. AnG TKH ,vy is tKH SlacH to Euy.”

,n aGGi­tion, fi­nanc­inJ is availaElH to Tual­i­fiHG EuyHrs tKrouJK .. Hov­na­nian AmHri­can MortJaJH, L.L.C.

TKosH looNinJ Ior morH in­Ior­ma­tion on TKH ,vy sKoulG call 877-717-0850 or visit: TheIvy.

eov­na­nian En­ter­prises Inc.I IounGHG in 1959 Ey .HvorN S. Hov­na­nian, is KHaGTuar­tHrHG in RHG BanN, N.-. TKH comSany is onH oI tKH na­tion’s larJHst KomHEuilGHrs witK oSHra­tions in Ari­zona, Cal­iIor­nia, DHlawarH, FloriGa, GHorJia, ,lli­nois, Mary­lanG, Min­neso­taI New JerseyI North Carolina, OKio, PHnn­syl­va­nia, SoutK Carolina, THxas, VirJinia, WasKinJ­ton, D.C., anG WHst VirJinia. TKH KomHs arH marNHtHG anG solG unGHr tKH traGH namHs .. Hov­na­nian HomHs, MatzHl & MumIorG, BriJK­ton HomHs, ParN­wooG BuilGHrs, Town & Coun­try HomHs anG OstHr HomHs. As tKH GHvHloSHr oI .. Hov­na­nian’s Four pea­sons com­mu­ni­tiesI the com­pany is also onH oI tKH na­tion’s larJHst EuilGHrs oI ac­tivH aGult KomHs.

AGGi­tional in­Ior­ma­tion on Hov­na­nian En­tHrSrisHs ,nc., in­cluGinJ a sum­mary in­vHst­mHnt Sro­filH anG tKH comSany’s 2011 an­nual rHSort, can EH ac­cHssHG tKrouJK tKH “,nvHs­tor RHla­tions” sHc­tion oI the eov­na­nian En­ter­prises’ web­sitH at KttS://

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