Spring­field eases past ANC

The Ambler Gazette - - SPORTS - By Mike Prince

Fol­low­ing its best sea­son in a very long time, one ZhLFh fiQLsheG ZLWh D BL­cen­ten­nial League cham­pi­onship and an 11-1 over­all PDUN, 6SULQJ­fielG hDs SLFNeG up right where it left off last sea­son.

Af­ter dom­i­nat­ing wins LQ WheLU fiUsW WZR JDPes, by scores of 53-6 and 25-0, re­spec­tively, the Spar­tans con­tin­ued to rack up the points on of­fense and play com- plete shut­down de­fense in what turned out to be a 34-13 win over vis­it­ing Academy New Church in a non-league PeeWLQJ DW 6SULQJ­fielG HLJh School on Fri­day night.

7he fiUsW hDlI IeDWuUeG WZR 6SULQJ­fielG WRuFhGRZQs, Ds well as a blocked punt, two in­ter­cep­tions and only 53 to­tal yards al­lowed on de­fense, lead­ing the Spar­tans to their third con­sec­u­tive easy vic­tory to start the sea­son.

Led by the rush­ing at­tack of ju­nior tail­back Jhaloni John­son and sopho­more quar­ter­back Chris Stone, 6SULQJ­fielG ZDs Dble WR SlDy with ease and run all over the ANC de­fense throughout the en­tire con­test.

“I think with the offensive line we have com­ing back this year, it’s just progress,” John­son said. “te’re just mak­ing progress. te’re young and we’re get­ting bet­ter ev­ery day. I couldn’t do what I did tonight with­out my line and we’re on a good road and com­ing back for more.”

The only two scores

WhHn, WhH gamH was aOrHaGy ouW of rHach for WhH LLons.

WLWh jusW ovHr WhrHH mLnuWHs rH­maLnLng Ln WhH firsW quarWHr, -ohnson caSSHG off a sLx-SOay, 53-yarG GrLvH for SSrLng­fiHOG wLWh a 13-yarG WouchGown run, SuWWLng WhH SSarWans (3-0, 0-0) uS 7-0 HarOy on. ShorWOy bH­forH WhH haOf was ovHr, wLWh WhH LLons (1-1, 0-0) SLn­nHG Gown Ln WhHLr own rHG zonH, SSrLng­fiHOG sHnLor PhLO IanozL bOockHG a SunW anG WhH SSarWans rH­cov­HrHG WhH baOO aW ANC’s WhrHH. OnH SOay OaWHr, SWonH ran Ln a quarWHr­back kHHSHr anG, foOOowLng an HxWra SoLnW, SSrLng­fiHOG OHG 14-0.

In WhH WhLrG quarWHr, LW was morH of WhH samH from -ohnson, who rLSSHG off a 50-yarG WouchGown run wLWh WhrHH mLnuWHs, 27 sH­conGs Wo SOay Ln WhH SHrLoG. An HxWra SoLnW by SWonH SuW SSrLng­fiHOG uS 210. On WhH SSarWans’ foOOowLng GrLvH, junLor BrHnGan DoyOH rLSSHG off a 52-yarG WouchGown run Wo SuW SSrLng­fiHOG uS by four scorHs.

-ohnson HasLOy OHG WhH aWWack for WhH SSarWans, as hH finLshHG wLWh 181 yarGs anG Wwo WouchGowns on onOy 14 car­rLHs.

“WH’rH rHaO haSSy wLWh WhH way wH’rH SOayLng anG wH jusW wanW Wo makH LW Wo SOay­offs agaLn,” -ohnson. “TonLghW was a gooG gamH Wo sWarW Wo hHOS us gHW WhHrH anG wH’rH rHaGy for Subur­ban OnH SOay.”

SWonH, who rarHOy GroSSHG back Ln WhH SockHW anG onOy haG fivH SassLng aWWHmSWs, was Hf­fHcWLvH on WhH grounG, run­nLng HLghW WLmHs for 22 yarGs anG a scorH. DoyOH, who rLSSHG off a 75-yarG WouchGown run OaWHr Ln WhH fourWh quarWHr, ran onOy WhrHH WLmHs for 125 yarGs anG Wwo scores.

SSrLng­fiHOG nHHGHG onOy onH SOay Wo scorH Wwo of LWs WouchGowns, whLOH Wwo oWhHr scorHs camH on GrLvHs whLch onOy nHHGHG sLx SOays aSLHcH. ThH SSarWans onOy needed two plays to score WhHLr fi­naO WouchGown.

ThH LLons wHrH OHG by WaLObacks AramLs AOsWon anG WaOWHr .Lng-Ba­LOs, who boWh scorHG OaWH WouchGowns Wo SuW ANC on WhH boarG. AOsWon ran 11 WLmHs for 67 yarGs, whLOH .Lng-Ba­LOs ran four WLmHs for 34 yarGs, buW WhH LLons wHrH un­abOH Wo gHW anyWhLng HOsH goLng on of­fHnsH.

“SSrLng­fiHOG Ls a gooG WHam anG WhH facW of WhH maWWHr Ls WhaW WhHy SrovHG WhHy wHrH bHWWHr Whan us WonLghW,” ANC coach Ty .OLSSHrsWHLn said. “We cer­tainly made mLsWakHs anG shoW oursHOvHs Ln WhH fooW a couSOH WLmHs. ThaW bOockHG SunW hurWs anG changHG WhH gamH, buW WhHy’rH hHOSLng us, Woo, by noW makLng cusWo­mary mLsWakHs. WH jusW couOGn’W gHW much goLng on of­fHnsH anG I WakH rHsSon­sLbLOLWy for noW SuWWLng us Ln SosLWLon Wo gHW our SOay­makHrs Ln a sSoW Wo makH SOays.”

ANC wLOO vLsLW LowHr MorHOanG nHxW SaWurGay afWHrnoon Ln whaW Ls an an­nuaO maWchuS bHWwHHn WhH Wwo rL­vaOs.

ThH SSarWans wLOO WakH WhHLr unGHfHaWHG rH­corG LnWo a maWchuS wLWh ChHOWHn­ham nHxW wHHk, as SSrLng­fiHOG wLOO fi­naOOy makH LWs rHWurn Wo WhH Subur­ban OnH AmHrL­can Con­fHrHncH.

“ANC Ls aOways a bLg gamH for us sLncH wH SOayHG WhHm Ln WhH BLcHnWHn­nLaO LHaguH for yHars,” SSrLng­fiHOG coach ChrLs ShHOOy saLG. “WH maGH somH mLsWakHs anG I fHOW OLkH wH wHrHn’W GoLng whaW wH nHHGHG Wo Go Ln WhH firsW haOf, buW wH maGH somH bLg SOays Ln WhH sH­conG haOf anG wH nHHG Wo gHW bHWWHr for nHxW wHHk. WH know whaW’s waLWLng for us anG wH’rH goLng LnWo Subur­ban OnH comSHWLWLon, so wH’OO havH Wo SLck uS our gamH wLWh WhosH guys.”

Mont­gomery Me­dia / BOB RAINES

Spring­field’s Eddie Gra­ham turns up field for pos­i­tive yardage dur­ing Fri­day’s non-league ac­tion against Academy New Church

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