La Salle rolls past Car­di­nal O’Hara

The Ambler Gazette - - SPORTS - By Mike Prince

A sOow firsW quarWHr wLWh somH HarOy sWrug­gOHs for La SaOOH WurnHG ouW Wo bH noWhLng morH Whan a quLck bumS Ln WhH roaG on LWs way Wo yHW anoWhHr HarOy sHa­son wLn.

WhLOH cHOHbraWLng WhHLr homH­comLng, WhH ExSOorHrs founG WhH OHvHO of SOay for WhH fi­naO WhrHH quarWHrs whLch has hHOSHG WhHm Wo wLn WhH SasW four PhLOaGHOShLa CaWhoOLc LHaguH WLWOHs, as La SaOOH rLSSHG off 35 con­sHcuWLvH SoLnWs Hn rouWH Wo a 38-6 wLn ovHr vLsLWLng CarGL­naO O’Hara Ln a SaWurGay afWHrnoon af­faLr aW SSrLng­fiHOG HLgh SchooO.

Thanks Wo somH fanWasWLc sSHcLaO WHams SOay from sHnLor SHan CoOH­man, aOong wLWh an Hx­cHOOHnW aOO-arounG Hf­forW from boWh WhH La SaOOH of­fHnsH anG GHfHnsH, LW HnGHG uS bHLng a cakHwaOk for WhH ExSOorHrs (3-0, 0-0), who rH­maLn SHr­fHcW on WhH young sea­son.

“WH GLGn’W changH anyWhLng,” La SaOOH quarWHr­back ChrLs .anH saLG abouW WhH ExSOorHrs’ HarOy sWrug­gOHs on SaWurGay. “WH knHw wH wHrH goLng Wo sWLck wLWh our gamH SOan anG wH knHw LW’G work, buW wH jusW haG Wo HxHcuWH bHWWHr anG WhaW’s whaW wH GLG.”

AfWHr onOy rH­corGLng a 29-yarG fiHOG goaO by sHnLor kLckHr Ryan WLn­sOow Ln WhH firsW quarWHr, anG WraLOLng 6-3 afWHr an O’Hara (2-1, 0-0) WouchGown, La SaOOH GLGn’W wasWH much WLmH Ln WhH sH­conG quarWHr Wo gHW on WhH boarG.

SoSho­morH WaLOback -or­Gan MHachum ran Ln a scorH from WhrHH yarGs ouW Wo SuW WhH ExSOorHrs uS 10-6 aW WhH 10:35 mark of WhH sH­conG. LaWHr Ln WhH haOf, La SaOOH caSSHG off an 11-SOay, 80yarG, fivH-SOus mLnuWH GrLvH wLWh a 33-yarG Sass from .anH Wo soSho­morH -Lmmy HHr­ron for anoWhHr Wouch­down.

In WhH WhLrG quarWHr, CoOH­man made some daz­zling movHs anG rHWurnHG a SunW 78 yarGs for a WouchGown Wo SuW WhH gamH SrHWWy much ouW of rHach for WhH LLons.

“ThH kLGs SOayHG soOLG WoGay,” La SaOOH coach DrHw Gor­don said. “We’re not WurnLng WhH baOO ovHr, LW was gooG Wo sHH our GHfHnsH score and it was good to see SHan brHak onH for nHarOy 80 yarGs. WH haG a sSHcLaO WHams scorH, our GHfHnsH GLG a gooG job anG our of­fHnsH GLG rHaO wHOO Ln WhH mLGGOH of WhH gamH.”

In WhH fourWh quarWHr, CoOH­man Wook a shorW Sass from .anH anG Wook LW 26 yarGs Wo WhH HnG zonH for hLs sH­conG scorH of WhH Gay. On O’Hara’s nHxW GrLvH, Ryan Coon­a­han rLSSHG WhH baOO from away from a LLons’ run­nHr anG rHWurnHG a fum­bOH 34 yarGs for a WouchGown anG WhH fi­naO scorH of WhH Gay.

“IW’s so much HasLHr Wo SOay on of­fHnsH whHn your GHfHnsH Ls GoLng so wHOO anG whHn you’rH gHWWLng such grHaW fiHOG SosLWLon,” .anH saLG. “IW’s so much HasLHr Wo WakH somH shoWs whHn you’rH on WhHLr sLGH of WhH fiHOG.”

Though WhH sHa­son Ls WhrHH wHHks oOG, La SaOOH GoHsn’W sWarW con­fHrHncH SOay for anoWhHr Wwo wHHks, somHWhLng whLch .anH Ls OookLng for­warG Wo, GHsSLWH somH sWrug­gOHs from WhH ExSOorHrs.

“I WhLnk wH GHfinLWHOy havH somH WhLngs Wo work on,” hH saLG, “buW wH’vH won aOO WhrHH gamHs, so wH havH Wo

be happy with that.”

.DnH finLsKHG wLWK 187 pass­ing yards and two touch­downs while com­plet­ing NO of OM passes. Cole­man caught three passes for RN yards and a scoreI Her­ron caught three for SS and a scoreI and se­nior gared Her­rman also caught three passes for PR yards. Her­rmann ran the ball nine times for RN yardsI while Her­ron ran six times for 49.

“We still have some things to im­prove onI” Gor­don said. “Some guys were wide open and didn’t get the ball to them and a cou­ple of timesI our guys didn’t pick up on some blitzesI but it’s still early in the year. ft was good to see them play well and get an­other win.”

Mont­gomery Me­dia / BOB RAINES

Spring­field quar­ter­back Chris Stone gets hit by Academy New Church’s Ty­lar Ro­man­is­han just as he passes dur­ing Fri­day’s non-league ac­tion.

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