Prepa­ra­tions un­der way as strike looms

The Ambler Gazette - - POLICEREPORTS - By Eric Devlin

WiWh WhH sWorP oI D liNHly Wis­sahickon Ed­u­ca­tion Al­liance (Sup­port) union strike loom­ing, it ap­pears the strike will go on as sched­uled as both sides have made lit­tle progress with ne­go­ti­a­tions. PrHSDrDWions DrH Dl­rHDdy undHr wDy Ey WhH Wis­sDhicNon School Dis­trict and lo­cal po­lice de­part­ments to see that the im­pact on the coPPu­niWy will EH Ds SDin­lHss Dnd Jo Ds sPooWhly Ds Sos­siElH.

fn a let­ter to par­ents, Su­per­in­ten­dent Ju­dith Clark said while she re­mains op­ti­mistic that an agree­ment will still be reached, the dis­trict is pre­pared for a pos­si­ble strike.

fn the event of a strike, Clark said ad­min­is­tra­tors and other nonEDrJDin­inJ uniWs will EH dHSloyHd to pro­vide as­sis­tance to students.

Bus trans­porta­tion will not be pro­vided and no af­ter-school buses will be avail­able ei­ther. Schools will EH oSHn IroP 6:30 D.P. Wo 6 p.m. in or­der for par­ents to pick up and drop off students go­ing to and from work. Clark said ad­min­is­tra­tors and other adults will pro­vide su­per­vi­sion dur­ing the ex­tended hours for students. ff SDrHnWs cDn dHPon­sWrDWH WhDW WhHy can­not pro­vide trans­porta­tion for WhHir sWudHnWs, WhHy PDy EH Hx­cused from school.

ClDrN sDid D 24-hour hoWlinH would be in place dur­ing the strike to pro­vide up­dates and in­IorPDWion. ThH hoWlinH nuPEHr is 215-619-8055. ,nIorPDWion cDn Dlso EH oEWDinHd Ey cDllinJ in­di­vid­ual school phones start­ing at 6:30 D.P. or WhrouJh WhH disWricW’s web­site at

TwHnWy-Iour-hour sHcuriWy would also be pro­vided at all dis­trict prop­er­ties dur­ing the strike, she said.

Clark called on par­ents and vol­un­teers to of­fer their help to schools. ThosH will­inJ Wo vol­un­teer are asked to call the dis­trict SHr­son­nHl oI­ficH DW 215-619-8000 HxW. 3020, HPDil WhH SHr­son­nHl oI­ficH DW crossi@ws­d­wHE.orJ or email in­di­vid­ual school prin­ci­pals.

ShH Dd­dHd sSH­cific quHsWions re­gard­ing spe­cial ed­u­ca­tion can EH Dn­swHrHd Ey cDllinJ As­sis­tant Su­per­in­ten­dent Christo­pher MDrchHsH DW 215-619-8000 HxW. 3010 or Ey HPDil­inJ hiP DW cPDrch­

)or WhH SolicH, WrDIfic con­cHrns will be the big­gest is­sue if the strike be­gins.

LowHr GwynHdd Town­shiS SolicH ChiHI -ohn Scholly sDid WhH disWricW noWi­fiHd WhH dHSDrWPHnW oI WhH sWriNH MondDy. HH sDid iW’s D WrDIfic is­suH WhDW will EH Dd­drHssHd.

Scholly sDid WhH SolicH dHSDrW­ment would be bring­ing in ex­tra oI­ficHrs Ior ovHrWiPH Wo hHlS ouW should the strike take place.

“We just have to see how the firsW couSlH dDys Jo,” hH sDid. “Most of the par­ents do not have a lot of pa­tience, so it’s go­ing to be some­what of a night­mare to kind oI JHW HvHryWhinJ squDrHd DwDy Ior WhH firsW couSlH oI dDys. ThHn wH’ll hDvH D SrHWWy Jood idHD oI what’s hap­pen­ing.”

ee said the eas­i­est method will SroEDEly EH Ior SDrHnWs Wo droS oII students at the curb line in front of WhH school in­sWHDd oI Wry­inJ Wo PD- neu­ver be­tween pick­eters walk­ing Dcross WhH drivHwDy, EuW would DdMusW iI nHcHssDry.

Scholly sDid hH would EH in contact with the union rep­re­sen­ta­tive throughout the strike and hH’s Dl­rHDdy PHW wiWh WhH school dis­trict. ee men­tioned he has at­tempted to meet with the union’s chief ne­go­tia­tor.

WhiWSDin Town­shiS SolicH Chief Mark Smith said that given WhH WhrHH HlHPHnWDry schools in WhH Wown­shiS, WrDIfic will EH WhH big­gest prob­lem.

ee said since school buses will be shut down, it will force par­ents to drive their students to school, block­ing Skip­pack Pike for miles. ee said as ten­sions run high from SDrHnWs duH Wo WhH WrDIfic Dnd WhH pick­eters, the po­lice will be there to keep the peace.

At­tempts to reach Ambler BorouJh SolicH ChiHI Wil­liDP )olHy were un­suc­cess­ful as of press time.

As far as the strike goes, Scholly sHHPs Wo rHPDin oSWiPisWic.

“ft shouldn’t be too bad,” he said. “f’ve seen worse.”

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