North, south, cy­clone or hur­ri­cane, we’re all we’ve got

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To­day’s ques­tion: Is there some of­fi­cial or­ga­ni­za­tion that de­cides how many hu­man races there are? No. In fact, any crack­pot is free to come up with any crack­pot num­ber. Con­sid­er­ing that all races share 99.99 per­cent of the same ge­netic code, it re­ally doesn’t seem to make a hell of a lot of dif­fer­ence, does it?

The United States Of­fice of Man­age­ment and Bud­get says there are five: Amer­i­can In­dian or Alaska Na­tive, Asian, Black or African Amer­i­can, Na­tive Hawai­ian or Other Pa­cific Is­lan­der, and White.

Or some say there are four — Cau­casian, Asian, Black and Aus­traloid.

And some say there are 30 “sub­races” within that group of four. We won’t go into all those here.

I found an­other list that divided us into 50 or so. That one didn’t re­ally make much sense.

All and all, I think it would be best to try not to worry about it. There’s just us and we’re all we’ve got.

Dur­ing this sea­son of hur­ri­canes it seems like th­ese events are all in the north­ern hemi­sphere. Does the south­ern hemi­sphere get hur­ri­canes or do our news out­lets just not re­port them?

Huh? New out­lets just don’t re- port them? Where did you get an idea like that? Maybe we miss a few things now and then, but it would be kind of hard to over­look a hur­ri­cane.

Of course there are hur­ri­canes in the south­ern hemi­sphere. Why wouldn’t there be?

There aren’t as many hur­ri­canes in the south (where they are called cy­clones) as there are in the north. That’s be­cause the ocean tem­per­a­tures are cooler down there.

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