Ballplay­ers spit be­cause ... well, they just do, OK?

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To­day’s ques­tion: Why do base­ball play­ers spit so much? This one seems to come up ev­ery year, and I don’t know there is any one good an­swer. Part of it goes back to the old tra­di­tion of base­ball play­ers chew­ing tobacco, a gross habit which is now largely de­funct.

So in­stead of a chaw, play­ers are usu­ally work­ing away on bub­blegum or sun­flower seeds and that nat­u­rally leads to some spit­ting.

Why do they have to chew any­thing? I don’t know. I’m not sure they do. My best guess is that it’s mostly a mat­ter of burn­ing off ner­vous en­ergy.

Do the peo­ple who com­mit iden­tity theft as in the most re­cent hack of Equifax ever get caught?

Peo­ple get ar­rested all the time for sort of low-level iden­tity theft schemes. I just came across a story about a cou­ple in Penn­syl­va­nia who were hav­ing sex in a Jeep in a Wal­mart park­ing lot. Po­lice who came to in­ves­ti­gate found them with a coun­ter­feit credit card ma­chine and a bunch of fake credit cards.

How­ever, it seems to be much more dif­fi­cult to track down the cul­prits in­volved in the big-time hacks, which in­volve in­ter­na­tional crim­i­nal rings, lay­ers and lay­ers of com­puter mumbo-jumbo and gen­eral murk­i­ness and shad­owy do­ings.

Why are some heart pa­tients told not to eat grape­fruit?

Grape­fruit con­tain com­pounds known as fu­ra­nocoumarins that in­ter­act neg­a­tively with the en­zymes in some med­i­ca­tion used to treat high blood pres­sure, high choles­terol and ir­reg­u­lar heart rhythms.

If you are wor­ried about this ask your doc­tor about it, not me.

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