The Avenue News - - PUZZLES - By Fifi Rodriguez

1. GEN­ERAL KNOWL­EDGE: Who was the first African-Amer­cian wo­man to be crowned Miss Amer­ica?

2. SCIENCE: What tem­per­a­ture does wa­ter boil in Cel­sius?

3. AN­I­MAL KING­DOM: What is a group of la­dy­bugs called?

4. MED­I­CAL: What type of blood does a uni­ver­sal donor have?

5. GE­OG­RA­PHY: What is the cap­i­tal of Ar­me­nia?

6. HIS­TORY: When did the Span­ish Civil War end?

7. TELE­VI­SION: How does the ti­tle to this 1990s drama series end: “Bev­erly Hills, ...”?

8. GAMES: How many dots are on a stan­dard, six-sided die?

9. MOVIES: What was the name of the fa­ther lion in “The Lion King”?

10. MONEY: What is the ba­sic cur­rency of Ice­land?

1. Vanessa Williams

2. 100 C

3. A love­li­ness of la­dy­bugs

4. O neg­a­tive

5. Yere­van

6. 1939

7. 90210

8. 21

9. Mu­fasa

10. Krona

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