Fall home se­cu­rity tips from the BCoPD

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Fall tem­per­a­tures are usu­ally com­fort­able. Not too hot, not too cold. No air con­di­tion­ing to keep us cool, no fur­nace run­ning to keep us warm and low en­ergy bills. Per­fect!

Open­ing win­dows and doors is a nice way to let in some fresh air. How­ever, it can be an open in­vi­ta­tion to an op­por­tunis­tic bur­glar.

Some newer storm win­dows have locks that al­low you to raise them up about six inches, then lock. If you are think­ing about buy­ing new win­dows, ask the rep­re­sen­ta­tive about that fea­ture.

Many alarm sys­tems of­fer video surveil­lance both in­side and out­side the home. As a con­sumer you have choices on the type of se­cu­rity you want and can af­ford. There are some that you may have seen on tele­vi­sion that at­taches a video cam­era to the door­bell. This is very pop­u­lar, it is sim­ple to in­stall and comes with var­i­ous ap­pli­ca­tions.

If you can’t af­ford or are not ready for this type of se­cu­rity, here are some things you can do to make you and yours safer when home and away.

Land­scap­ing can be a de­ter­rent to bur­glars.

• Plant thorny bushes close to your win­dows. The bushes should be cut just below the win­dow. This al­lows you to see out, while mak­ing it un­com­fort­able for crim­i­nals to climb in.

• Keep bushes and trees around door­ways cut low. This keeps would-be bur­glars in view when com­ing and go­ing. It gives the crim­i­nal no place to hide. Out­side light­ing is es­sen­tial to crime pre­ven­tion.

• In­stall sen­sor lights around your home and prop­erty. This in­cludes your out­side build­ings, such as sheds and garages. Some sen­sor lights come with sen­sor cam­eras, mak­ing your home even more se­cure.

• Leave porch lights on overnight. Crim­i­nals steer clear of bright lights.

Buy timers for your in­door lights. This is a cheap and prac­ti­cal de­ter­rent to bur­glars. Set each timer for a dif­fer­ent time. When home, we turn on lights in dif­fer­ent rooms and dif­fer­ent times.

Lock your front door when you are in the back yard and the same ap­plies when you are in the front yard. Lock both doors when you are in the house.

Lock your ve­hi­cles and never leave keys in the car. If a thief gets into your ve­hi­cle and finds the keys, it can lead to a bur­glary rather than a ve­hi­cle break-in.

It is a good idea to bring in the garage opener, es­pe­cially if the garage is at­tached to the house.

Get to­gether with neigh­bors and es­tab­lish a neigh­bor­hood watch. If ever yone is look­ing out for each other, we can cut down on crime.

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