Don’t be a dis­tracted or drunk walker — Look be­fore you cross

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We live in a fast paced world and are eas­ily dis­tracted. Cell­phones are the big­gest dis­trac­tions. Look around when walk­ing and driv­ing. Where peo­ple gather, cell­phones are present. We laugh at videos of peo­ple bump­ing into poles while tex­ting. How­ever, it isn’t funny when some­one is hit by a car or truck.

We talk about drunk driv­ing, but drunk walk­ing also kills. Ac­cord­ing to the Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion (CDC), one in ev­ery three (34per­cent) fa­tal pedes­trian crashes in­volved a pedes­trian blood al­co­hol con­cen­tra­tion (BAC) of at least .08. That is high enough to put a driver in jail. Call a cab or ride shar­ing ser vice.

How many times did you hear some­one tell you to look both ways be­fore you cross the street? Prob­a­bly more times than you can re­mem­ber. It is true no mat­ter how old you are.

Cross­walks are there for your safety. Please use them wher­ever you see them. By law, driv­ers must stop when you step down. How­ever, if the cross­walk is at a traf­fic sig­nal, walk when the light is green and do not walk when the light is red.

Jay­walk­ing, to walk or cross the street with­out re­gard for ap­proach­ing traf­fic, is against the law. More im­por­tantly, it is dan­ger­ous. It is even more dan­ger­ous to jay­walk at night. Sev­enty-five per­cent of pedes­trian deaths hap­pen at night. Sev­enty-two per­cent are not cross­ing at cross­walks or in­ter­sec­tions.

Cars to­day are fast and peo­ple be­hind the wheel like to drive fast.

If a pedes­trian is hit at 20 mph, they have a 10 per­cent chance of dy­ing. How­ever, if a pedes­trian is struck by a ve­hi­cle at 40 mph, they have an 80 per­cent chance of dy­ing. The num­bers get worse as the speed in­creases.

Here’s how to stay safe and alive as a pedes­trian: Pay at­ten­tion to your sur­round­ings, stay sober, use the cross­walks.

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