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Tues­day, Oct 03, 2017


Al­bu­querque $32,517,000 Streets im­prove­ments

Al­bu­querque $17,193,000 Var­i­ous parks and re­cre­ation projects

Al­bu­querque $16,271,000

Po­lice and fire de­part­ment fa­cil­i­ties im­prove­ments

Al­bu­querque $14,495,000

Se­nior, fam­ily, com­mu­nity cen­ter and com­mu­nity en­hance­ment

Al­bu­querque $14,342,000

Storm sewer sys­tem im­prove­ments

Al­bu­querque $11,570,000

En­ergy and/or wa­ter ef­fi­ciency projects for pub­lic fa­cil­i­ties and sys­tems

Al­bu­querque $6,011,000 Li­brary im­prove­ments

Al­bu­querque $5,960,000

Pub­lic trans­porta­tion fa­cil­i­ties im­prove­ments

Al­bu­querque $3,788,000 Con­struc­tion and re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion of af­ford­able hous­ing

Al­bu­querque $1,591,000 City-owned mu­seum and cul­tural fa­cil­i­ties im­prove­ments

Al­bu­querque $1,262,000 Metropoli­tan re­de­vel­op­ment projects

Satur­day, Oct 07, 2017


West Vir­ginia $1,600,000,000

Re­pair and re­build state high­ways and bridges

Tues­day, Oct 10, 2017


Caddo Co ISD #64 $530,000 Con­struc­tion, re­pairs and equip­ment

Caddo Co ISD #64 $80,000 Trans­porta­tion

Kay Co ESD #27 $6,875,000 Con­struct, equip and re­pair/re­model school fa­cil­i­ties

Mayes County ISD #17 $240,000 Pur­chase trans­porta­tion equip­ment

McClain Co ISD #15 $29,270,000 Con­struc­tion and im­prove­ments

McClain Co ISD #15 $675,000 Trans­porta­tion

Muskegee Co ISD #29 $15,000,000 Con­struc­tion, ad­di­tions, ath­letic fa­cil­i­ties, text­books and tech­nol­ogy

Ok­la­homa Co ISD #1 $19,600,000 Con­struc­tion, re­pairs, and equip­ment

Ok­la­homa Co ISD #1 $2,400,000 Trans­porta­tion

Ok­la­homa Co ISD #41 $41,760,000 Con­struc­tion, ac­quire new tech­nol­ogy equip­ment and re­pairs

Ok­la­homa Co ISD #41 $2,200,000 Trans­porta­tion

Ok­la­homa Co ISD #52 $121,300,000 Con­struct new fa­cil­i­ties, ren­o­vate sta­di­ums and arts cen­ters

Ok­la­homa Co ISD #52 $9,300,000 Pur­chase new buses

Ot­tawa Co ESD #10 $300,000 Con­struc­tion, re­mod­el­ing and im­prove­ments

Pon­to­toc Co ISD #37 $4,425,000 Con­struc­tion, re­pair/re­model, equip and im­prove sites

Texas Co ISD #53 $135,000 Con­struct, re­pair/re­new and equip school sites

Texas Co ISD #53 $100,000 Pur­chase trans­porta­tion equip­ment

Texas Co ISD #8 $20,400,000 Con­struct, equip, re­pair/re­model and im­prov­ing school sites

Tulsa Co ISD #11 $57,000,000 Con­struc­tion, ren­o­va­tion/ex­pan­sion and in­stal­la­tion

Wood­ward Co ISD #2 $19,135,000 Con­struc­tion, ren­o­va­tion, and im­prove­ments


Reeds­burg SD $32,000,000 Con­struc­tion, site pur­chase and im­prove­ments, ren­o­va­tions and mod­ern­iza­tion


Tues­day, Oct 10, 2017


Osage Co ISD #11 $17,290,000 Con­struc­tion, re­pairs, re­mod­el­ing, equip­ment and im­prove­ments

Pot­tawatomie Co ISD #4 $1,620,000 Con­struct, equip, re­pair/re­model fa­cil­i­ties

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