Real bas­ket of ‘de­plorables’ turns out to be politi­cians

The Buffalo News - - OPINION - Joseph P. Brignone

Hav­ing en­dured an­other elec­tion cy­cle, cou­pled with ob­serv­ing the state of gov­ern­ment through­out the coun­try, has caused me to won­der who is ac­tu­ally in Hil­lary Clin­ton’s “bas­ket of de­plorables?”

I sub­mit that it is not any voter, re­gard­less of which can­di­date(s) they sup­port, but rather the politi­cians them­selves. They are, by and large, con­tempt­able peo­ple who have cho­sen a pro­fes­sion in which their abil­ity to stay in of­fice is di­rectly pro­por­tional to their abil­ity to lie, do noth­ing of sub­stance and please only those who can best as­sist them in feath­er­ing their own nests, coun­try and con­stituents be damned.

The fact that vot­ers are not the de­plorables in this sce­nario does not mean that they should be held harm­less, how­ever. Con­tin­u­ing to rotely par­tic­i­pate in what is clearly a bro­ken sys­tem sug­gests naiveté or gulli­bil­lity at best and ob­tuse­ness at worst. The no­tion that vot­ing is one’s civic duty, a no­tion with which I once agreed, has been turned on its head, for im­plicit in do­ing one’s civic duty is the be­lief and right­ful ex­pec­ta­tion that the gov­ern­ment, i.e. politi­cians, will be­have in kind. What a joke.

To all the politi­cians out there, a pox on all your houses. To those who con­tinue to blindly fol­low these dis­hon­est mis­cre­ants, I ask if you take com­fort in prov­ing P.T. Bar­num cor­rect when he prophet­i­cally stated “there’s a sucker born ev­ery minute.”

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