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The Buffalo News - - COMICS - By Don­ald Saltz

1. Who made a hit record­ing of the song “Come Back When You Grow Up Girl”?

2. In lit­er­a­ture, what does Rex Stout’s de­tec­tive char­ac­ter Nero Wolfe raise as a hobby?

3. In the 1976 movie “The Mis­souri Breaks,” who por­trays a mean cow­boy hired to elim­i­nate a gang of horse thieves?

4. Mu­si­cian Harry James was the hus­band of what fa­mous ac­tress?

5. When wa­ter freezes, what does it do phys­i­cally?

6. What are the first 10 Amend­ments to the U.S. Constitution called?

7. Is it true or false that there was just one year be­tween 1 B.C. and 1 A.D.?

8. Where was Pres­i­dent Harry Tru­man liv­ing when an at­tempt to as­sas­si­nate him oc­curred in 1950?

9. What was Elvis Pres­ley’s pop­u­lar nick­name?

10. In what state is the Univer­sity of Notre Dame?

AN­SWERS 1. Bobby Vee. 2. Orchids, by the thou­sands.

3. Mar­lon Brando. The gang he goes af­ter is led by Jack Ni­chol­son.

4. Betty Grable. Both are de­ceased. 5. It ex­pands. 6. Bill of Rights. 7. True. 8. Tru­man was liv­ing in the Blair House, which is across Penn­syl­va­nia Av­enue, be­cause the White House was be­ing ren­o­vated. The Blair House is cus­tom­ar­ily re­served for guests of the pres­i­dent. 9. “The King.” 10. In­di­ana.

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