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Over time a car’s exter­ior can fade or suf­fer some dings and dents. Be­fore own­ers sell or trade in their rides for some­thing new, in­vest­ing in a new color may be all that’s nec­es­sary to re­vi­tal­ize the look of the ve­hi­cle.

Chang­ing the color of a car is not some­thing ev­ery driver should try on their own. Such a task can be time-con­sum­ing, and it re­quires a good deal of skill to turn out look­ing good. Fur­ther­more, paint­ing a car in­volves a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent tools and equip­ment, from a spray gun, san­der and buf­fer to spe­cific types of enamel or acrylic paints.

Af­ter con­sid­er­ing the work in­volved and the ex­pense of in­vest­ing in the equip­ment to get the job done right, many ve­hi­cle own­ers opt to hire a pro­fes­sional to change the color of their ve­hi­cles. Many ser­vice cen­ters of­fer two op­tions to change the look of a car or truck: paint­ing and car wraps.

Paint job

A pro­fes­sional paint job will yield an im­pres­sive re­sult. A skilled auto painter can rec­om­mend the right type of au­to­mo­tive paint for your make and model and guide you in color selections. While there are hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent color choices avail­able, pro­fes­sion­als also may be able to mix colors to cre­ate the cus­tom look you de­sire.

Paint work may be done to match the ex­ist­ing color of the ve­hi­cle af­ter ac­ci­dent re­pairs have been made. Or you may be tired with the color of your car and sim­ply de­sire a change. Ex­pe­ri­enced ser­vice shops can of­fer th­ese ser­vices and more. Other shops may spe­cial­ize in cus­tom paint jobs that may en­tail graph­ics, de­tail work or the blend­ing of mul­ti­ple colors to give the ve­hi­cle an air­brushed ef­fect. Cus­tom painters are artists, and their work may be very de­tailed.

Paint­ing may de­mand your ve­hi­cle be off the road for a week or more, so it’s best to have an al­ter­na­tive travel plan. Also, be sure to in­ves­ti­gate how paint­ing will af­fect the value of the ve­hi­cle. A paint job may end up de­pre­ci­at­ing the value of a re­sale be­cause it’s chang­ing the orig­i­nal ve­hi­cle per­ma­nently.

Car wrap

Car wraps are typ­i­cally made of high-qual­ity vinyls that come in a bevy of dif­fer­ent colors and styles. Wraps also can be used for cus­tom graph­ics or to ad­ver­tise busi­nesses.

The vinyl wrap com­pletely cov­ers the paint of the ve­hi­cle. But be­cause car wraps can be re­moved, they do not per­ma­nently change the ve­hi­cle and are there­fore un­likely to af­fect its re­sale value.

Car wrap­ping can take less time than a la­bor-in­ten­sive paint job. Some jobs can be com­pleted in only two or three days. Car wraps also may be the less ex­pen­sive op­tion if you’re not se­lect­ing a com- pli­cated, cus­tom de­sign. Many car wraps will last be­tween five to seven years, which is on par with the life span of a pro­fes­sional paint job, which lasts five to 10 years.

Chang­ing the look of a ve­hi­cle may be as sim­ple as choos­ing a new exter­ior color. Pro­fes­sional paint ser­vices and vinyl car wraps make it easy to switch up the style of a car or truck.

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