Neg­a­tive cam­paigns lost

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To the Repub­li­can House Cau­cus that con­tin­u­ously sent mean-spir­ited smear lit­er­a­ture re­gard­ing Del. Ned Carey for five weeks straight: I am just sit­ting here won­der­ing, how did that work out for you guys? No so good, huh?

Well, let me just say this. You see, the good peo­ple in Brook­lyn Park and Dis­trict 31A are not stupid by any stretch of the imag­i­na­tion. When you chose to tear down one good man's rep­u­ta­tion, to ex­alt your can­di­date, well, you kinda end up reap­ing what you sow.

Maybe you should have spent that smear cam­paign money talk­ing about what Brooks Ben­nett had ac­tu­ally done for Brook­lyn Park's com­mu­nity that qual­i­fied him for the job, he wouldn't have lost so badly. So, I guess I should be thank­ing you.

Thank you for all of the ridicu­lous lies you tried to sell in an ef­fort to con­vince us to vote against Carey. Those stupid mail­ers ul­ti­mately pushed Ned over the top right back into the House for an­other term.

And I sin­cerely hope this is a les­son learned for both par­ties.

First les­son: Smear cam­paigns are not ef­fec­tive, in fact, they are detri­men­tal be­cause peo­ple see through it and they will gen­er­ally turn on you. I anx­iously await the day when this style of cam­paign­ing is abol­ished.

Sec­ond Les­son: Nice guys do fin­ish first. Go Ned!

And mean guys. Well, now the mean guys are com­pletely sur­rounded by a bunch of Democrats in the House. En­joy your next four years ANGIE RO­DRIQUEZ Brook­lyn Park

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