A lit­tle book of Wag­ner-isms

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funny. Ken­zie put, “You should al­ways show good char­ac­ter. When peo­ple see you out they should be able to tell you’re a Chris­tian.”

Tiny lit­tle Kait­lyn re­mem­bers I taught her “All about Jonah in the whale’s belly.” Faith? She learned from me “Don’t put your fin­ger in a light socket.” True. So very, very true...

Johnathan learned “There’s no such per­son as ‘Surfer Dude Je­sus.’” Alethia knows “You should only eat at Bo­jan­gles on days that end in ‘y’. ”

Joshua says I “have taught him lots of dif­fer­ent facts about rocks and min­er­als and pre­cious stones.” I col­lect them, and of­ten use them as ser­mon il­lus­tra­tions. Car­son learned “How to talk a long time.” How can I not laugh at that? Ava says I have taught her “Just Je­sus.” “To wor­ship God” is what Mi­randa re­mem­bers.

Con­cern­ing my hair they all seem to re­mem­ber my prom­ise, “If it goes gray I’ll dye it, if it goes away I’ll buy it!”

Mi­ley says, “I’m gonna tell Preacher Bo if you’re not nice. He says we not sup­posed to fuss, we sup­posed to be nice to each other.”

Zack re­mem­bers the song I wrote for him, “Je­sus Loves Bat­man.”

The chil­dren within your sphere of in­flu­ence are pre­cious lit­tle sponges, ab­sorb­ing ev­ery­thing you say and do. Je­sus said in Matthew 18:6, “But whoso shall of­fend one of th­ese lit­tle ones which be­lieve in me, it were bet­ter for him that a mill­stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

It is an awe­some re­spon­si­bil­ity to have any amount of in­flu­ence over th­ese lit­tle ones who are so loved by God. Never, ever take it lightly, and never mis­use it. Mem­o­rize Bi­ble verses with them. Teach them the prin­ci­ples of Scrip­ture in your own unique phras­ing.

Sing godly songs with them. Be holy, al­ways holy, but also ac­ces­si­ble. Je­sus gath­ered lit­tle chil­dren up in his arms. He is in Heaven at this point; the only arms he has now to do so with on earth are yours and mine.

I love my book. It is priceless to me. By the way, thanks as well to a cou­ple of read­ers of the col­umn who have now be­come friends, Bill and Judi. The birth­day card you sent me is awe­some. What a bless­ing to get great feed­back, whether it be from the pre­cious kids at church or the pre­cious new friends God has brought across my path.

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