Eight choices for gov­er­nor

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of Texas), Yale Law School

Busi­ness ex­pe­ri­ence: Co-founder of NOW Ac­count (fi­nan­cial ser­vices firm that helps small busi­nesses)

Po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence: Founder of New Ge­or­gia Project, Ge­or­gia state rep­re­sen­ta­tive (House Mi­nor­ity Leader)

Goals: Ex­tend ac­cess to child­care, pre-K and af­ter­school pro­grams; raise teacher salaries; of­fer tax cred­its and sub­si­dies to work­ing par­ents; pro­mote free ac­cess to tech­ni­cal col­leges and debt-free four-year col­leges; ex­pand ap­pren­tice­ships and adult lit­er­acy pro­grams; in­vest in small busi­nesses; fight poverty and dis­crim­i­na­tion in the work­place; ex­pand Med­i­caid; sup­port “re­pro­duc­tive free­dom;” pro­mote new jobs in in­fras­truc­ture, clean en­ergy, biotech and agritech; re­form the jus­tice sys­tem; pro­mote di­ver­sity; help vet­er­ans and mil­i­tary fam­i­lies; tighten gun laws and ex­pand men­tal health­care and sub­stance abuse treat­ment; ex­pand voter rights; sup­port the arts and film in­dus­try in Ge­or­gia

Casey Ca­gle, Repub­li­can

Per­sonal: Mar­ried, three sons, high school and col­lege foot­ball player, avid triath­lete, leader of Healthy Kids Ge­or­gia

Ed­u­ca­tion: Ge­or­gia South­ern Univer­sity

Po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence: Elected Ge­or­gia sen­a­tor in 1994 and re­elected five times, chair­man of Fi­nance Com­mit­tee, vice chair­man of Science and Tech­nol­ogy, mem­ber of Ap­pro­pri­a­tions Com­mit­tee and Nat­u­ral Re­sources Com­mit­tee, be­came lieu­tenant gov­er­nor in 2006 (cur­rent po­si­tion)

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: Opened tuxedo shop at age 20; bank­ing; real es­tate

Goals: Cut taxes, cre­ate 500,000 jobs, re­duce reg­u­la­tion, main­tain fair tort sys­tem, in­vest in in­fras­truc­ture, in­crease agri­cul­ture op­por­tu­ni­ties, ex­pand Ge­or­gia film in­dus­try, make Ge­or­gia “Sil­i­con Val­ley of the South,” re­form/im­prove ed­u­ca­tion, pro­tect sec­ond amend­ment rights, pro­mote pro-life cause, fight il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion.

Stacey Evans, Demo­crat

Per­sonal: Mar­ried, one daugh­ter

Ed­u­ca­tion: Eco­nom­ics, po­lit­i­cal science and law de­grees from the Univer­sity of Ge­or­gia

Po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence: Ge­or­gia rep­re­sen­ta­tive, helped re­store HOPE schol­ar­ship for many stu­dents and “ex­panded the pool of stu­dents el­i­gi­ble for fi­nan­cial aid to at­tend tech­ni­cal col­lege and in­creased the aid amount for top per­form­ing stu­dents”

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: Odd jobs (wait­ress, cashier tele­mar­keter), lawyer (rep­re­sented whistle­blow­ers in Medi­care fraud case)

Goals: In­crease min­i­mum wage; pro­mote equal pay, af­ford­able child­care, tax cred­its for work­ing peo­ple and a state earned in­come tax credit; in­vest in in­fras­truc­ture (roads, mass tran­sit, com­muter rail); pro­mote small busi­nesses through ac­cess to state con­tracts; pro­mote higher pay for teach­ers, first re­spon­ders and ser­vice providers; ex­pand Med­i­caid and ac­cess to health­care; pro­mote “re­pro­duc­tive rights;” ex­pand fund­ing of ed­u­ca­tion; ex­pand preschool ac­cess; re­form the jus­tice and prison sys­tems and end for-profit pris­ons; op­pose all dis­crim­i­na­tion based on race, reli­gion, gen­der, sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion, or gen­der iden­tity; make it eas­ier for peo­ple to vote; pro­tect the en­vi­ron­ment.

Hunter Hill, Repub­li­can

Per­sonal: Mar­ried, two chil­dren, mem­ber of Peachtree Pres­by­te­rian Church, mu­si­cian, mem­ber of The Na­tional In­fantry Mu­seum (board mem­ber), War­rior Al­liance (ad­vi­sory board), Prom­ise 686 (ad­vi­sory board), U.S. Army Ranger As­so­ci­a­tion, Amer­i­can Le­gion, Dis­abled Vet­er­ans of America, Vet­eran of For­eign Wars, and The Na­tional Ri­fle As­so­ci­a­tion

Ed­u­ca­tion: Bach­e­lor of Science de­gree in gen­eral man­age­ment with mi­nor in civil en­gi­neer­ing from West Point

Mil­i­tary ex­pe­ri­ence: Five years ac­tive duty in U.S. Army; grad­u­ated from Air­borne, Air As­sault, U.S. Army Ranger School; at­tained rank of cap­tain; tours in Iraq and Afghanistan; two Bronze Stars.

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: Com­mer­cial real es­tate devel­op­ment with Carter and As­so­ciates, li­censed real es­tate pro­fes­sional with Com­mer­cial Prop­erty Pro­fes­sion­als, pres­i­dent of Tommy Newberry Coach­ing

Po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence: Ge­or­gia sen­a­tor

Goals: Elim­i­nate state in­come tax; dou­ble in­vest­ment in trans­porta­tion; fight il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion; care for vet­er­ans; pro­mote school choice and im­prove ed­u­ca­tion; im­prove health­care through freemar­ket op­tions; pro­tect re­li­gious lib­erty; sup­port first re­spon­ders.

Brian Kemp, Repub­li­can

Per­sonal: Mar­ried, three daugh­ters, mem­ber of Em­manuel Epis­co­pal Church

Ed­u­ca­tion: Bach­e­lor of Science de­gree in agri­cul­ture from Univer­sity of Ge­or­gia

Po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence: Ge­or­gia Sec­re­tary of State, state sen­a­tor

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: Agribusi­ness, fi­nan­cial ser­vices, real es­tate man­age­ment and in­vest­ment

Goals: Cut reg­u­la­tions for small busi­nesses, cut govern­ment spend­ing and waste, strengthen ru­ral com­mu­ni­ties, fight il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion, im­prove ed­u­ca­tion through lo­cal con­trol, ex­pand school choice, strengthen ru­ral schools and re­move bur­den­some reg­u­la­tions that tie teach­ers’ hands, de­fend sec­ond amend­ment, fight gangs and spe­cial in­ter­ests.

Clay Tip­pins, Repub­li­can

Per­sonal: Mar­ried, two chil­dren, mem­ber of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Na­tional Trustee for SE Divi­sion of Boys and Girls Club of America, All-Amer­i­can swim­mer and high school na­tional swim­ming cham­pion

Ed­u­ca­tion: Stan­ford Univer­sity, Navy’s Of­fi­cer Can­di­date School

Mil­i­tary ex­pe­ri­ence: Navy SEAL (lieu­tenant com­man­der), served in Iraq

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: Man­ager and vice pres­i­dent at con­sult­ing firm Capgem­ini, man­ag­ing di­rec­tor for Easter Europe op­er­a­tions at BrightS­tar Corp.

Goals: Stop At­lanta gangs and sex traf­fick­ing, make sure every child can read by third grade, rein in state spend­ing, sup­port sec­ond amend­ment, fight il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion, sup­port med­i­cal mar­i­juana but op­pose le­gal recre­ational use, sup­port free­dom of reli­gion but op­pose RFRA, fight opi­oid cri­sis, sup­port pro-life cause.

Marc Ur­bach, Repub­li­can

Per­sonal: One daugh­ter, Chris­tian (at­tends church and syn­a­gogue), pub­lic speaker on Con­sti­tu­tional is­sues and re­li­gious free­dom, au­thor of two books, founder/lead re­porter for CSN Com­mon Sense News “Truth You Can Be­lieve In”

Ed­u­ca­tion: Bach­e­lor of Science de­gree in com­mu­ni­ca­tions from Univer­sity of Florida, Mas­ters of Ed­u­ca­tion de­gree from Ge­or­gia State Univer­sity

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: pho­to­jour­nal­ist, jour­nal­ist, built and sold youth sports pho­tog­ra­phy busi­ness, teacher in Gwin­nett County Schools (2001-2012)

Goals: Pro­mote lo­cal con­trol of schools and build “Trade Skills Schools,” es­tab­lish a “Busi­ness-Stu­dent In­come Tax Credit” to help busi­nesses help stu­dents, pro­mote “High Road Rapid Tran­sit Sys­tem,” pro­mote free mar­ket health­care sys­tem, pro­mote the Bi­ble in schools as elec­tive course, elim­i­nate Ge­or­gia in­come tax, limit im­mi­gra­tion into state, fight crime through moral ed­u­ca­tion, fight drug abuse by in­spir­ing change in at­ti­tudes, fight govern­ment de­pen­dency, pro­mote agri­cul­ture, re­form crim­i­nal jus­tice through prob­a­ble cause hear­ings, pro­tect the en­vi­ron­ment.

Michael Williams, Repub­li­can

Per­sonal: Mar­ried, four chil­dren, ac­tive in church, hon­orary mem­ber of Cum­ming Ki­wa­nis Club

Ed­u­ca­tion: Univer­sity of Mon­te­vallo (Ala.)

Busi­ness ex­pe­ri­ence: Cer­ti­fied pub­lic ac­coun­tant, for­mer owner of 18 Sports Clips shops through­out Ge­or­gia and Al­abama (2004-2014)

Po­lit­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence: Elected to Ge­or­gia Se­nate in 2014, first Ge­or­gia cochair for Trump cam­paign (trav­eled across coun­try cam­paign­ing)

Goals: Pro­mote tax re­form, school choice, Con­sti­tu­tional Carry (guns), spend­ing cuts, term lim­its for all statewide elected of­fices, use veto power to de­feat lib­eral leg­is­la­tion, keep casi­nos out of Ge­or­gia, pro­mote re­li­gious free­dom, fight il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion, sup­port pro-life cause, in­crease min­i­mum salaries for law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, re­duce reg­u­la­tions on agri­cul­ture, pro­mote school choice, freeze col­lege tu­ition rates, fight il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion, fight de­fac­ing mon­u­ments, sup­port med­i­cal mar­i­juana.

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