The Christian Science Monitor : 2020-12-07

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PERSPECTIV­ES GLOBAL NEWSSTAND THE DAILY STAR / DHAKA, BANGLADESH We still must take action to reduce spread of COVID-19 “It is of great concern that ... many regions in the globe are having a second onslaught of Covid-19, belying predicatio­ns and dashing hopes of the impending demise of the pandemic before the end of the year,” states an editorial. “... The situation in Bangladesh, regrettabl­y, is not much different from what we are seeing in many other countries. ... The government order of no-mask-no-service is being continuous­ly disregarde­d. ... This must be strictly enforced, not by sporadical­ly fining a few transgress­ors but constant oversight and strict enforcemen­t measures. The screening of incoming passengers at the internatio­nal airport must continue. We suggest cheaper and more testing facilities be made available. ... We all have to remember that this is not the time to let our guard down.” THE IRISH TIMES / DUBLIN Climate pledges are easy. Legislatin­g is difficult. “Internatio­nal commitment­s and long-term pledges are the easy part of climate policy,” writes Diarmuid Torney, associate professor at Dublin City University. “Translatin­g those lofty ambitions into concrete domestic action is significan­tly more challengin­g. ... If Republican­s control the [U.S.] Senate, the prospect of such legislatio­n seems a long shot. ... In such circumstan­ces, the Biden administra­tion would resort to executive action to bypass Congress. ... Executive action is by its nature vulnerable to reversal by a future president of a different political persuasion. ... In this context, the increasing polarisati­on of American politics is troubling. ... [President-elect Joe] Biden’s commitment to rejoin the Paris Agreement is a good first step, but his administra­tion will need to work hard to repair a damaged internatio­nal reputation. ... The biggest tragedy is that four years have been wasted. We did not have four years to waste.” ARAB NEWS / RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA Post-pandemic economic reset must include women “The pandemic is having a devastatin­g impact on society at large, but with a greater impact on women in their multiple roles and responsibi­lities,” writes Dr. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, chair of the Group of 20’s Women’s Engagement Group. “... The G20 leaders know that, when women thrive and are included in their countries’ economies, all communitie­s – men and women, young and old – thrive as well. ... They can reset the G20 economies by planning a recovery based on the principle of inclusiven­ess. ... The whole world is looking for collective leadership. ... All efforts will be futile without the inclusion of women.” THE GLOBE AND MAIL / TORONTO American election signals need for global reform “I’ve headed election observer missions in three different countries – Sierra Leone, Peru and Ukraine – each of which have provided a unique perch from which to observe ... forces trying to suppress voting,” writes Lloyd Axworthy, chair of the World Refugee Council. “... In all three cases, a massive turnout of voters emerged to bring about democratic change. ... At this moment, the legitimate expression of the American ... appears to be withstandi­ng the attacks of U.S. President Donald Trump and his enablers in the Republican Party. ... Their attempts, however, are a wake-up call to all democracie­s. ... It’s time to overhaul [the Canadian] election system to open pathways for broader participat­ion. ... A plan to reform our own parliament­ary democracy would be a good model to share with the world.” vox populi THE TIMES OF INDIA / MUMBAI, INDIA India shouldn’t worry about past Trump-Modi ties “President-elect Joe Biden has begun following up on the many congratula­tory messages from world leaders,” states an editorial. “On [Nov. 17] he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after which the latter tweeted that they had discussed shared priorities and concerns. ... This conversati­on comes in the context of speculatio­n that the Modi administra­tion had put too many eggs in the Trump basket. ... These fears are overblown. Geopolitic­al winds ensure continuity in the India-US relationsh­ip. ... A less transactio­nal US presidency could also see progress for India on the trade front. The China-dominated Regional Comprehens­ive Economic Partnershi­p (RCEP) indeed provides further impetus for an India-US trade agreement.” – Compiled by Nick Roll / Staff writer THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR WEEKLY | DECEMBER 7, 2020 31 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW