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Polystichum acros­ti­choides is called “Christ­mas fern” be­cause some parts of the plant re­main green through­out the year and are thus used in dec­o­ra­tions at Christ­mas time.

One of the most com­mon ferns in the eastern United States, Christ­mas fern is use­ful the year round. Be­cause it forms a dense cov­er­ing over the soil sur­face, even a small clus­ter of two or three can help sta­bi­lize the soil and pro­vide ex­cel­lent ero­sion con­trol.

And if you want the Christ­mas spirit close to you, it is easy to grow and can be used in al­most any set­ting or soil. It’s an ex­cel­lent choice for shaded gar­dens as it hap­pily thrives un­der trees and rocky ar­eas.

it is also re­sis­tant to pests and dis­eases. Even deer tend to stay away from it when graz­ing.

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