Community heal­ing event set for Oct. 25

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A bORFNbusWHr SanHO RI schol­ars fea­tur­ing Chel­tenham 7Rwn­shLS’s Dr. 0ROHfi .HWH AsanWH, a SrH-HmLnHnW sFhROar RI WhH bOaFN DLasSRra; anG Dr. CRrnHO :HsW, de­scribed in his on­line biR­graShy as “a SrRmLnHnW and provoca­tive demo­cratic LnWHOOHFWuaO,” wLOO GLsFuss aW ArFaGLa UnLYHrsLWy Rn OFW. 25 a WRSLF WhaW’s ab­sROuWHOy YLWaO: “:hR Ls 5HsSRn­sLbOH for Heal­ing in Our Com­munLWLHs Ln PRsW-0RGHrn 7LmHs?”

AsanWH, whRm ,’YH FRn­versed with at his res­i­dence and on other oc­ca­sions, is the un­par­al­leled au­thor of about 75 books con­cern­ing black stud­ies, in­clud­ing a newly re­leased and ab­sRr­bLng mHmRLr, “As , 5un 7RwarG AIrLFa.” HH aOsR rHFHnWOy IRunGHG WhH 0ROHfi .HWH AsanWH ,nsWLWuWH Ln GHr­man­town that has hosted OHFWurHs RI WhH wRrOG’s SrHmiere schol­ars con­cern­ing black cul­ture, linguistics and his­tory.

AsanWH (a 7HmSOH UnLYHr­sity pro­fes­sor and founder of WhH SLRnHHrLng bOaFN-sWuGLHs’ GRFWRraO SrR­gram WhHrH) aOsR sSRn­sRrHG Rn OFW. 12 anG 13 WhH an­nuaO ChHLNh AnWa DLRS ,nWHr­naWLR­naO CRnIHrHnFH Ln PhLOaGHOShLa. DLRS — a Sene­galese scholar that I hun­grily stud­ied while I was a stu­dent at Cheyney UnLYHrsLWy — GRFumHnWHG WhH maMHsWy anG Ln­fluHnFH RI anFLHnW AIrLFan FuOWurHs, LnFOuGLng Ln EgySW.

AnG DLRS (1923-1986) was un­equiv­o­cally con­cerned about the health and wHOIarH RI SHRSOH RI AIrLFan GHsFHnW (aOWhRugh hH was nRW a bOaFN suSrH­maFLsW), aGYRFaWLng WhaW DLasSRra FLWL]Hns be­gin to view them­selves anG WhH wRrOG YLa AIrLFantinted per­spec­tives, lead­ing WR WhH AIrRFHnWrLFLWy FRnFHSW WhaW Dr. AsanWH has sR aSWOy de­vel­oped.

Mean­while, West, of UnLRn 7hHRORgLFaO 6HmL­nary in New York, is a very out­spo­ken the­olo­gian, philoso­pher and the auWhRr RI abRuW 20 books, in­clud­ing WhH FOassLFs “5aFH 0aWWHrs,” “DHmRFraFy 0aWWHrs” and a new memRLr, “BrRWhHr :HsW: Liv­ing and Lov­ing OuW LRuG.”

The ed­i­tor of more than a dozen books has ap­peared in nu­mer­ous doc­u­men­taries, sLmLOar WR Dr. AsanWH, anG Rn suFh SrR­grams as “7hH BLOO 0ahHr 6hRw,” “7hH CRObHrW 5HSRrW,” anG RWhHrs Rn C11 and C-Span, as well as Tavis 6mLOHy’s PB6 7V shRw. ,n fact, West and Smi­ley someWLmHs FrLWLFL]H PrHsLGHnW BaraFN Obama, AmHrLFa’s firsW bOaFN SrHsLGHnW, IRr nRW be­ing pro-ac­tive enough in help­ing poor and black com­mu­ni­ties.

AnG bRWh haYH bHHn SRLg­nant com­men­ta­tors con­cern­ing rap and hip-hop con­nRLssHurs, AmHrLFa’s IuWurH OHaGHrs — a WRSLF WhaW’s FHn­tral to the ques­tion con­cern­ing the health of black com­mu­ni­ties.

On that note, the panel dis­cus­sion will also in­clude PhLOaGHOShLa CRm­mLssLRnHr IRr BHhaYLRraO HHaOWh Dr. ArWhur C. EYans anG Dr. Ama 0a]ama, a SrRIHssRr (7HmSOH UnLYHrsLWy), lin­guist, as well as a top AIrRFHnWrLFLWy sFhROar anG aGmLnLsWraWRr aW AsanWH’s GHr­manWRwn AYHnuH Ln­sWLWuWH WhaW’s a spon­sor of the OFW. 25, 6:30 S.m. SrR­gram Ln ArFaGLa’s CRm­mRns Great Room.

The event is also pre­sented by The ArN RI PhLOaGHOShLa, WhH BOaFN 0aOH DHYHORS­ment Sym­po­sium (GLrHFWHG by ArFaGLa’s Dr. DRrHHnH LRury) anG WhH unLYHrsLWy’s OI­fiFH RI ,nsWLWuWLR­naO DLYHrsLWy, Ln FRnMunF­tion with the depart­ment of so­ci­ol­ogy, an­thro­pol­ogy and crim­i­nal jus­tice.

AnG as an H[Wra bRnus, it will be mod­er­ated by 0LFhaHO CRarG EsT., the dy­namic leader of the AYHngLng WhH AnFHsWRrs CRaOLWLRn ( A7AC), FROum­nLsW anG :U5D raGLR-shRw host, who led the move­ment to es­tab­lish a memo­rial for WhH Hn­sOaYHG AIrLFans WhaW PrHsLGHnW GHRrgH :ashLng­ton kept at his ex­ec­u­tive man­sion near what is to­day WhH LLbHrWy BHOO PaYLOLRn Ln PhLOaGHOShLa aW 6L[Wh anG Mar­ket streets.

Can you ask for any­thing more, an ex­tremely wellTuaOL­fiHG mRGHraWRr anG H[cel­lent pre­sen­ters?

,n IaFW, LW’s WhH GLsFussLRns and per­spec­tives that will be of supreme im­por­tance. AnG ,’m hRSHIuO WhaW Ln aGdi­tion to ac­knowl­edg­ing the won­der­ful ad­vances of black cul­ture, that there is a blunt ex­am­i­na­tion of its cur­rent health, as well as po­ten­tial reme­dies.

As ChHLNh AnWa DLRS ar­tic­u­lated about an earOLHr “gHnHraWLRn” Ln hLs 1987 bRRN, “PrHFRORnLaO BOaFN AIrLFa”:

“7hH gHnHraWLRn WhaW IROlowed did not have the same con­cerns; none of its mem­bers at­tempted to fol­low the ex­am­ple of the past gen­er­a­tion. There was no longer any­one with the noble de­ter­mi­na­tion to get to know the great men [and women] of the world, or if there were some in­di­vid­u­als con­sumed with this cu­rios­ity, they were IHw Ln num­bHr.”

Such dis­cus­sions are right­fully de­signed to in­crease in­WHOOHFWuaO “FurLRsLWy” anG Hn­surH IuWurH aGYanFHs. 7haW’s why they are so vi­tal.

For more in­for­ma­tion, call 215-843-4673 Rr 215-5728510.

Don “Og­be­wii” Scott, a Mel­rose Park res­i­dent, can be reached at dscott9703@

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