West Nor­ri­ton board bal­ances bud­get woe

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Board Pres­i­dent Paul C. Piantone said the town­ship plans to re­duce the golf FoursH EuGgHW GH­fiFLW IurWKHr.

“We may have to bring that up again at a higher num­ber. We did a tax mill­age de­crease a cou­ple of years ago and that is still af­fect­ing us badly,” said Com­mis­sioner Brian Kennedy. “Year af­ter year we have not got­ten back what we lost be­fore.”

“I am not in­ter­ested in a tax in­crease,” Piantone said. “In this econ­omy, to raise taxes is not a good move to make.”

“That move three years ago was a good move for three in­di­vid­u­als,” Kennedy said.

Bobst said that the in­crease in the num­ber of golf rounds was not keep­ing pace with the in­creases in health care costs and wages.

“Our rates are high com­pared to other golf cour­ses,” he said. “You can ei­ther reGuFH ZDgHs or EHnH­fiWs.”

Kennedy said he was will­ing to take a cut in his com­mis­sioner’s pay to help bal­ance the town­ship bud­get.

TKH finDO 2014 WoZn­sKLS EuGgHW Ls HxSHFWHG Wo EH fi­nal­ized in mid-Novem­ber and adopted in mid-De­cem­ber.

In the orig­i­nal pre­lim­inDry 2014 EuGgHW, WoWDO town­ship as­sess­ments deFrHDsHG Ey $1,535,256, IroP $971,692,327 Ln 2013 Wo $970,157,071 Ln 2014.

AGPLnLsWrDWLon DnG fi­nance ex­penses de­creased Ey $72,749, IroP $928,395 Ln 2013 Wo $855,646 Ln 2014. PoOLFH HxSHn­sHs LnFrHDsHG Ey $64,506, IroP $3,450,807 Ln 2013 Wo $3,515,313 Ln 2014. BuLOGing and zon­ing ex­penses LnFrHDsHG Ey $68,590, IroP $39,706 Ln 2013 Wo $108,296 Ln 2014. PuEOLF works ex­penses de­creased $205,714, IroP $941,293 Ln 2013 Wo $735,579 Ln 2014. BHnH­fiWs DnG Lnsurance ex­penses in­creased $115,341, IroP $3,053,942 Ln 2013 Wo $3,169,288 Ln 2014.

The pre­lim­i­nary bud­get LnFOuGHG Dn 11 SHrFHnW Ln­crease in health care in­surDnFH FosWs, D 2.5 SHrFHnW wage in­crease for AFSCME ZorNHrs, D 3 SHrFHnW ZDgH LnFrHDsH Ior SoOLFH oI­fiFHrs, fund­ing for an ad­di­tional SoOLFH oI­fiFHr, D $35,603 Ln­crease in man­dated pen­sion con­tri­bu­tions, an ad­di­tional $38,434 Ior WKH SFKooO RH­sourFH OI­fiFHr, $20,000 Ior Sterigere Street basin reSDLrs DnG $50,000 Ior roDG resur­fac­ing.

TKH $1,913,558 FDSLWDO im­prove­ment fund in­cludes $730,000 Ior D -os­HSK Street sewer up­grade, a For­rest Av­enue relief line and re­pairs to man­holes, sewer mains and sewer latHrDOs, $750,000 Ior WHsW Nor­rLWon’s 36 SHrFHnW sKDrH of the aer­a­tion project at the Nor­ris­town Sewage TreatPHnW SODnW DnG $443,558 for ve­hi­cle and equip­ment re­place­ment. The town­ship ZLOO SDy $900,000 Wo Nor­ris­town for sewage treatPHnW Ln 2014.

On the rev­enue side of the bud­get, real es­tate taxes are pro­jected to deFrHDsH sOLgKWOy Ey $2,446, IroP $3,326,896 Ln 2013 Wo $3,324,450 Ln 2014. Earned in­come tax rev­enue is pro­jected to in­crease by $550,000, IroP $2,450,000 Ln 2013 Wo $3 PLOOLon Ln 2014. DHHG WDx rHYHnuH Ls pro­jected to in­crease by $35,000, IroP $215,000 Ln 2013 Wo $250,000 Ln 2014. Cable­vi­sion rev­enue is proMHFWHG Wo LnFrHDsH $110,000, IroP $265,000 Ln 2013 Wo $375,000 Ln 2014.

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