Will ex­e­cu­tion make Ohio safer?

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What does the state of Ohio gain by ex­e­cut­ing Alva Camp­bell? Noth­ing, ex­cept shame and dis­grace. Killing a frail, sick, dy­ing old man (no mat­ter what he did) is cruel, heart­less and in­hu­mane. Will Ohio be safer? Ab­so­lutely not. Gov. John Ka­sich, who claims to be a com­pas­sion­ate Chris­tian, is not mod­el­ing good Chris­tian val­ues and be­hav­ior. Would Je­sus push the but­ton to in­ject poi­son into a fel­low hu­man be­ing?

In ad­di­tion to the moral is­sue, is a fis­cal is­sue. Our fis­cally con­ser­va­tive gov­er­nor and leg­is­la­ture need to look at the state money be­ing wasted by keep­ing the death penalty on the books. It costs far more to ex­e­cute some­one than to put him in prison for the rest of his life. Also, it is not true that the death penalty deters mur­der. Ohio’s mur­der rate is higher than Michi­gan’s, and that state has not had a death penalty since 1847.

I im­plore Ka­sich, as a lame­duck gov­er­nor, to abol­ish this mockery of jus­tice. It is time to demon­strate real and com­pas­sion­ate lead­er­ship.

The Rev. Gary D. Witte Colum­bus should thank God ev­ery day that he (Pres­i­dent Trump) won the pres­i­dency and is fight­ing against the forces that, would, in fact, lead us to a fas­cist state.” De­spite be­ing “crass, crude, bel­liger­ent and per­haps even a nar­cis­sist and ‘con­su­mate liar.’”

Sells should add de­spite be­ing a known sex­ual preda­tor and phi­lan­derer; de­spite shov­ing aside any­one who has an opin­ion that dif­fers from his own; de­spite lead­ing his coun­try into known cli­mate catas­tro­phes; and de­spite treat­ing any­one who stands up to him in the cru­elest, most in­hu­mane ways.

No, Mr. Sells, I do not thank the almighty for Don­ald Trump; I must as­sume that he or she (God) hopes that this elec­tion will open our eyes to what we must do to be­come a for­giv­ing, com­pas­sion­ate, help­ing na­tion that sees the least of us as im­por­tant as the most en­riched. I gather Sells does not care one way or the other if we have elected a new edi­tion of Adolf Hitler. It would be best if he did worry.

We had all bet­ter wake up to the fact that Pres­i­dent Trump, if left unchecked and un­con­fronted, will lead this coun­try, if not the globe, into ruin. Don­ald Trump is the pres­i­dent of the United States; but he is not mine.

Andrew Workum Colum­bus

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