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By Sam Sifton Makes about 2 cups Cran­berry sauce should be sweet but not cloy­ing, and tart with­out caus­ing pucker and an­guish. It should have a jel­ly­like qual­ity, but should owe more to the ap­pear­ance of jam. The key el­e­ment to mak­ing cran­berry sauce is to un­der­stand that cran­ber­ries are high in pectin, a car­bo­hy­drate that ex­ists in many fruits and is re­leased by the berries when they are heated and the cells of the fruit break down. In the pres­ence of sugar, the pectin mol­e­cules bond to one an­other, form­ing a kind of gel. The longer you cook a cran­berry sauce, the more pectin is re­leased and liq­uid is evap­o­rated, and the stiffer the re­sult will be.

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