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years-in-devel­op­ment, sup­posed la­bor of love from the Far­relly Broth­ers is a blandly shot dis­ap­point­ment that sen­ti­men­tal­izes the trio for kids (at one point, the Stooges are re­ferred to as “BFF’S for­ever”) but lacks the know­ing ref­er­ences that might have amused diehard adult fans. Un­like Moe’s slaps and eye pokes, the at­tempts to up­date the slap­stick miss as of­ten as they hit: Sparks fly hu­mor­ously when Moe scrapes a buzzing chain­saw rather than the tra­di­tional hand­saw across Curly’s scalp, but there’s more yuck than nyuk-nyuk-nyuk in a nurs­ery scene in which the Stooges use urine-spray­ing in­fants as hu­man water pis­tols. A sub­plot that lands Moe on “Jer­sey Shore” will date faster than the Tojo ref­er­ences in “The Yoke’s on Me” (1944), and the use of Talk­ing Heads and All­man Broth­ers mu­sic to score sev­eral bits of Stoogery is dis­tract­ing and in­ex­pli­ca­ble. The fun­ni­est per­former is Larry David, in penguin drag as the mean­est nun at the con­vent/or­phan­age that is the set­ting for a Stooges ori­gin story that may be the movie’s most amus­ing se­quence, thanks to the tal­ented young­sters who play the kid nitwits with ar­rest­ing hair­cuts and ar­rested 21 Jump Street (R, 110 min.) ★★★✩✩ ❚ Jonah Hill, Chan­ning Ta­tum. What to Ex­pect When You’re Ex­pect­ing (PG-13, 110 min.) The non­fic­tion best-seller in­spires an all-star en­sem­ble com­edy. Wrath of the Ti­tans (PG-13, 99 min.) ★★✩✩ Sam Wor­thin­gon re­turns as Perseus, son of Zeus (Liam Nee­son), in this sim­ple-minded myth-mash, which — con­trary to the prom­ise of its dy­namic trailer — is even more dis­ap­point­ing than its pre­de­ces­sor, 2009’s “Clash of the Ti­tans.” Some of the crea­tures are spec­tac­u­lar (Kronos emerges from his un­der­world prison as a gi­ant molded from drip­ping molten lava), but the movie lacks any sus­pense or nar­ra­tive mo­men­tum; if even Princess An­dromeda (Rosamund Pike) can bat­tle a Cy­clops with­out se­ri­ous in­jury, who needs a demigod?

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