Don’t al­low your life to pass with­out pre­par­ing for death

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My grand­mother keeps af­ter me about be­liev­ing in Je­sus so I’ll be sure to go to Heaven when I die, but I’ve de­cided I’ll just take my chances and not worry about it.

Do you have the same at­ti­tude to­ward any­thing else in your life? Is any­thing im­por­tant to you and your future — but you ig­nore it and refuse to even think about it? I doubt it. Why, then, do you refuse to face the most im­por­tant fact you will ever face — and that is the fact of your death? You pre­pare for ev­ery­thing else; why do you not pre­pare for your death? Death isn’t only the end of this life; it’s the be­gin­ning of a new life — ei­ther with God in the joy of Heaven, or in that place of ul­ti­mate de­spair the Bi­ble calls Hell. The Bi­ble warns, “Peo­ple are des­tined to die once, and af­ter that to face judg­ment” (He­brews 9:27).

The real rea­son you refuse to think about this, I sus­pect, is be­cause you don’t want God to in­ter­fere with the way you’re liv­ing.

And in his prov­i­dence God gives you that free­dom (al­though some day you’ll re­al­ize you’ve ac­tu­ally be­come a slave to sin). The Bi­ble warns, “There is no wis­dom, no in­sight, no plan that can suc­ceed against the lord” (Proverbs 21:30).

Be thank­ful for your grand­mother; if she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t care about your sal­va­tion. But she does love you, and she does care — and most of all, so does God.

He loves you so much that Christ gave his life for you. Face hon­estly your need for Christ, and dis­cover the joy and peace he alone gives us, as we re­pent of our sins and open our lives to his trans­form­ing power.

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