Pre­pare for the fu­ture by turn­ing life over to God

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I didn’t think it would bother me to turn 50, but it re­ally has! I’ve never wor­ried much about the fu­ture, but now I do, and I’m even wondering if I’m headed in the right di­rec­tion. I’ve also never thought much about God, but I’m be­gin­ning to worry about that also. Is some­thing wrong with me, wor­ry­ing so much?

It’s im­por­tant to pause and think about our lives and our fu­tures from time to time. If we don’t, we’ll never be­come bet­ter per­sons — and most of all, we may miss out on the good things God has for us in the fu­ture. The Bi­ble says, “those who plan what is good find love and faith­ful­ness” (Proverbs 14:22).

At the same time, God doesn’t want us to be con­sumed with wor­ries and fears about the fu­ture. And we don’t need to be — not if we put our lives into his hands, and learn to trust him for the fu­ture. God knows all about us — far more than we know our­selves. He knows our needs, and he also knows what the fu­ture holds for us. Je­sus said, “do not worry about your life . ... But seek first his king­dom and his right­eous­ness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:25, 33).

What should you do? First, thank God for the years He’s al­ready given you. Even when you weren’t aware of it, he was watch­ing over you and tak­ing care of you. Then com­mit your life and your fu­ture to Je­sus Christ. God loves you — and the proof is that he sent his son into the world to give his life for your sal­va­tion. By faith in­vite Christ to come into your life to­day — and he will. Then thank him that he will be with you — now, and for­ever.

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