Woman’s abrupt man­ner leads to is­sues with team for work project

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I worked for a year on a project with a woman who had good in­ten­tions but who was of­ten late and even more of­ten was abrupt in the way she talked to me and to oth­ers on our team. I en­dured it dur­ing those 12 months, but I’m won­der­ing if I want to work with her any­more. It was hard, and I’m kind of sen­si­tive to lots of things, in­clud­ing time­li­ness and com­mu­ni­ca­tion style. She is a team mem­ber and equal to me, but her be­hav­ior makes it hard to work as a team.

I was re­cently asked by the boss to stay on. I can use the money, but I worry that I will be­come an­gry if I have to keep mak­ing up for what this woman lacks. What can I do?

Talk with your boss about the op­por­tu­nity be­ing of­fered to you. Thank him or her for be­liev­ing in you and want­ing to keep you on the team.

De­scribe to the boss what you like about the job and ask if you can share what you con­sider the dif­fi­cul­ties to be.

Ex­plain that you have ex­pe­ri­enced con­flict with the woman in ques­tion. Ad­mit you have con­sid­ered not stay­ing on at the com­pany be­cause of the spe­cific in­ter­ac­tions you have had with this woman. Ask if the boss can help make the work ex­pe­ri­ence more com­fort­able.

Know that you risk los­ing your job by bring­ing this up. Since you were ready to walk any­way, you might as well tell your boss what your con­cerns are. He or she may not be aware of what’s go­ing on in the of­fice and may be able to help.

The fall sea­son is upon us, and it’s busy for me. I am happy that I have lots to do at work and in my so­cial life, but I can’t fig­ure out how to jug­gle ev­ery­thing. Just last week, I was in­vited to three events on one night and at least two on ev­ery other week­night. I am young, and I un­der­stand this is my time to be out and about, but I can’t do ev­ery­thing. It’s mak­ing me too tired at work. How do I man­age my sched­ule, bow out of some things grace­fully and not make en­e­mies?

Keep a sched­ule of your week, in­clud­ing all key work du­ties as well as all in­vi­ta­tions. Pri­or­i­tize the in­vites that will fur­ther your ca­reer am­bi­tions, ex­pand your knowl­edge or for­tify your friends and fam­ily. Your goal should be to strike a bal­ance in your life be­tween work and play. Agree to at­tend the key events and stay there only un­til the time that you know is your cut­off.

When you know you are overex­tended, RSVP that you can­not at­tend. You can write a brief note say­ing you are sure it will be a great event and you re­gret not be­ing able to be there. Be hon­est with your­self and those who have in­vited you.

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