God’s ac­tions show he has for­given us for our sins

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I know you say God will for­give us, but how do we know it’s true? I of­ten ask God to for­give me, but I’m not sure he re­ally does.

Have you ever asked some­one to for­give you for some­thing you did — an un­kind word, a thought­less act, a de­lib­er­ate lie, a bro­ken prom­ise, etc.? You prob­a­bly have, be­cause you wanted to get rid of the bar­rier that ex­isted be­tween you.

But how did you know they ac­tu­ally for­gave you? You knew it in two ways: You knew it by their words, and you knew it by their ac­tions. If they said they for­gave you, it gave you con­fi­dence that they ac­tu­ally did. But if they said you didn’t de­serve to be for­given — then you knew they hadn’t for­given you. In the same way, if they wel­comed you and were friendly to­ward you, you were con­fi­dent they had for­given you.

In a far deeper way, this is how we know God has for­given us: We know it by his words, and we know it by his ac­tions. God does not lie — and when he prom­ises in his Word to for­give us when we come to him in re­pen­tance and faith, we can trust that prom­ise. But we also know God has for­given us be­cause of his ac­tions — and es­pe­cially what he did for us in Je­sus Christ.

On the cross, all our sins were trans­ferred to Christ, and he took upon Him­self the judg­ment we de­serve. He be­came the fi­nal sac­ri­fice for our sins.

Put your faith and trust in Je­sus Christ — in his prom­ises, and in his death and res­ur­rec­tion for you. His prom­ise is true: “If we con­fess our sins, he is faith­ful and just and will for­give us our sins and pu­rify us from all un­righ­teous­ness” (1 John 1:9).

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