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In to­day’s ex­er­cise, we’re go­ing to find out if you DRA or if you live in an ARE.

De­pend­ing on how much you trans­verse the In­ter­net, those acronyms may or may not make sense. For some rea­son, pos­si­bly be­cause typ­ing is so hard, on­line com­mu­ni­ca­tion has gone acro­nym wild. And your un­der­stand­ing of it may give us a glimpse into how much time you spend in front of a com­puter, what it says about you, and if you are 13.

So, I chal­lenge you to take my not- patented IAKTFD ( In­ter­net Acro­nym Knowl­edge Test for Dum­mies) and KST ( Kill Some Time). 1. BTW is: A. Break Tremen­dous Wind. B. By The Way. C. Barry Tiberius White. 2. DILLIC is: A. Do I Look Like Ich­a­bod Crane? B. Do I Look Like Ice Cube? C. Do I Look Like I Care? 3. GGP is: A. Go- Gos Pan­de­mo­nium. B. Gotta Go Pee. C. Go Girl Power! 4. DWOL is: A. Drunk While On Line. B. Detroit Will Ob­vi­ously Lose. C. Do With­out Lessons. 5. IMHO is: A. Isaac Might Have Os­teo­poro­sis. B. In My Hum­ble Opin­ion. C. I May Have Onions. 6. JK is: A. John Kennedy. B. Just Kid­ding. C. Junky Kitchen. 7. LMBO is: A. Lord, My Body Odor! B. Laugh­ing My Butt Off. C. Let’s Make Bur­ri­tos, Ollie. 8. ROTFLMBO is: A. Re­gard­ing Our Ter­ri­ble Filth, Lord, My Body Odor! B. Rolling On The Floor Laugh­ing My Butt Off ( which I hurt my back do­ing). C. Ru­pert Oblit­er­ated Those Fa­ji­tas – Let’s Make Bur­ri­tos, Ollie. 9. OMG is: A. Oh My God! B. Of­fer More Goulash! C. One More Ger­man. 10. LOL is: A. Lots of Love. B. Laugh­ing Out Loud. C. Lind­say Over­dose Lo­han. 11. GMAB is: A. Gee, My Arm’s Bleed­ing. B. Give Me A Break. C. Go Mire An­other Bris. 12. IYF is: A. I Yearn For... B. It’s Your Fault. C. Is You Fish­ing? 13. BWDIK is: A. But What Do I Know? B. Bob W. Dole Is Kookoo. C. But Why Do Ir­ish­men Knit? 14. AIR is: A. My ini­tials. B. As I Re­call/ Re­mem­ber. C. Am I Re­pul­sive? 15. And – your fi­nal – WTH is: A. What The Heck? B. Why The Hos­til­ity? C. Where’s The Hush­pup­pies?

Your an­swers are: 1. B.; 2. C.; 3. B.; 4. A.; 5. B.; 6. B.; 7. B.; 8. B.; 9. A.; 10. B.; 11. B.; 12. B.; 13. A.; 14. B. ( al­though A. is also cor­rect); 15. A.

So, give your­self a point for ev­ery cor­rect an­swer.

What do the re­sults of this quiz say about you? Well, if you scored be­tween 13- 15, you live in an ARE ( Acro­nym Rich En­vi­ron­ment) — prob­a­bly your par­ent’s base­ment. You may need to get out more.

If you scored be­tween 7- 12, you are AFC ( Away From Com­puter) a good bit, but not FBI ( Full Blown Id­iot) when it comes to on­line lex­i­con.

If you scored be­low 6, you are def­i­nitely DRA ( Don’t Rec­og­nize Acronyms). Or per­haps you DNA ( Did Not An­swer).

How’d I do? I knew the an­swers and still missed some. GMAB. I’m a FBI.

Len Rob­bins is an award­win­ning colum­nist whose weekly col­umn ap­pears in 21 news­pa­pers in Ge­or­gia. He is ed­i­tor and pub­lisher of The Clinch County News in Homerville.

Len Rob­bins


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