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I do more and more read­ing on the In­ter­net. I like to start the day with the news, just scan­ning the head­lines and read­ing the in­ter­est­ing sto­ries — usatoday. com;, ny­,, and

The BBC site is by far the most in­for­ma­tive on in­ter­na­tional news. (In fact, some­times has unique in­sight into Amer­i­can news sto­ries.) The USA To­day and NY Times sites are the best on na­tional news. In the AJC you can read that Bobby Cox just set the record for most times a man­ager has been ejected from a ball game — good to know. I check on the Fox news site too, just to see if “con­ser­va­tive” me­dia has some unique in­sight, usu­ally not.

There is also a place that has great cov­er­age of news that re­lates to Chris­tian­ity: chris­tian­head­lines. com. The home page lists the main top­ics: head­lines, court news, in­tel­li­gent de­sign, opin­ion (good piece to­day by Jan­ice Crouse, who was my speech pro­fes­sor at As­bury Col­lege), pol­i­tics, re­li­gious per­se­cu­tion and more. There are sev­eral sto­ries un­der each cap­tion. Scroll down to the bot­tom for “To­day’s Cre­ation Mo­ment,” a 60-sec­ond au­dio clip that is usu­ally very in­ter­est­ing.

What if in­stead or read­ing news you want to do some re­search on a Bib­li­cal pas­sage? There are two sites at the top of the list. The first is bi­ble­gate­ Just fol­low the in­struc­tions on the home page and soon you will have avail­able 21 English trans­la­tions of the Bi­ble. This is also where you can look up pas­sages by a key word, which can be very use­ful if you can re­mem­ber the pas­sage but not the ref­er­ence.

The other great Bi­ble re­search site is tex­ The home page lists the lec­tionary scrip­tures for the week. The “lec­tionary” is the Bi­ble preach­ing plan used by most litur­gi­cal churches — Catholics, Epis­co­palians, etc. Don’t let this dis­cour­age you.

From the top of the home page click on the “scrip­ture in­dex” and you will be able to re­search the pas­sage you seek. This site is full of links to com­men­taries, ar­ti­cles, ser­mons, chil­dren’s ser­mons, hymn sug­ges­tions, drama pos­si­bil­i­ties, art work and more. It is a great place to do re­search.

I think the In­ter­net is com­pa­ra­ble to nu­clear power. A nu­clear power plant can gen­er­ate elec­tric­ity to give power to sev­eral states, or the ra­dioac­tive ma­te­ri­als can be turned into the most de­struc­tive weapons in his­tory. The In­ter­net also has great po­ten­tial for good or evil. Hope­fully some­day the gov­ern­ment will find a way to reg­u­late the In­ter­net so that the evil can be con­tained. But even now, the In­ter­net is a won­der­ful way to keep in­formed about the world and do re­search. Here is an­other site worth check­ing out:­l­i­cra­ From the home page scroll down un­til you find the “joke of the day.” Read; then click on “more jokes.” You will find loads of stuff that will make you pop­u­lar at work. (By the way, all of th­ese sites are free, al­though some of the links may not be, to read the news­pa­pers you will be asked to reg­is­ter your name and email ad­dress.)

John Donaldson


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