Ac­ces­sorize your home’s sky­lights

Spruce up the room, brighten up the house

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Few things can make a room seem more con­tem­po­rary or invit­ing than a sky­light. Typ­i­cally, a sky­light cre­ates a re­lax­ing mood, bright­en­ing up an oth­er­wise dark room while cre­at­ing a sense of leisure.

How­ever, de­pend­ing on the sea­son, a sky­light can prove more trou­ble than it’s worth. De­spite its aes­thetic ap­peal, a sky­light can come back to haunt home­own­ers who live in ar­eas where sum­mer tem­per­a­tures are es­pe­cially warm. In such in­stances, sky­lights can al­low far too much heat into a room, mak­ing it seem less like an oa­sis and more like an at­tic each time the mer­cury rises an­other notch. For­tu­nately, home­own­ers can ac­ces­sorize their sky­lights to en­sure they get all the beauty of a sky­light but few, if any, of the headaches.

Ventilation: home­own­ers can in­stall ven­ti­lat­ing sky­lights that can be opened when tem­per­a­tures in­doors be­come too hot to han­dle. As most peo­ple re­mem­ber from grade school science class, hot air rises. With a ven­ti­lat­ing sky­light, the light can be opened to al­low some of that hot air to es­cape the room. This is es­pe­cially valu­able dur­ing the day­time when no one’s home. Rather than ar­riv­ing home to a stuffy home, keep your sky­light open a crack be­fore leav­ing in the morn­ing and the room will be a lot more com­fort­able when you ar­rive home.

Put the blin­ders on: Much like or­di­nary win­dows, sky­lights can come with blinds or shades to keep the sun out when the weather gets too warm. The ben­e­fits of th­ese are two-fold. While they keep the sun out on es­pe­cially hot af­ter­noons, they can also be used through­out the year to min­i­mize the dam­ag­ing ef­fects the sun can have on your furniture when it’s ex­posed to too much sun. Fad­ing is com­mon on furniture that sits un­der a sky­light all day. You can stretch the life of your furniture out sim­ply by shad­ing your sky­lights or clos­ing their blinds.

Pro­tect against the el­e­ments: In the case of ven­ti­lat­ing sky­lights, home­own­ers al­ways run the risk of leav­ing them open while they’re away only to have un­fore­seen rain storms ar­rive and al­low wa­ter into your home. How­ever, ven­ti­lat­ing sky­lights can in­clude weather sen­sors that will au­to­mat­i­cally shut the sky­lights should Mother Na­ture de­cide to sur­prise you.

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