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Alot of peo­ple are scratch­ing their heads won­der­ing why the Rev. Pat Robert­son, an ul­tra­con­ser­va­tive pro-life Repub­li­can, has thrown his sup­port be­hind Rudy Gi­u­liani, who is pro-abor­tion and an­ti­gun rights. They just can’t un­der­stand it, even though the an­swer to the ques­tion is sim­ple: it’s all about money and power.

The French ex­plain that be­hind most puz­zling ques­tions is a wo­man. “Cherchez la femme” is the way they put it— fol­low the wo­man. In Amer­ica, how­ever, when a pub­lic fig­ure does some­thing that seems to­tally out of char­ac­ter you can’t go wrong if you fol­low the money and the quest for power.

Pat Robert­son is about money. Pat Robert­son is about busi­ness. He looks at the con­test for the Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion and he asks who the can­di­date is most likely to stop the Hil­lary train from roar­ing into the White House.

He’s fully aware that if Hil­lary wins the pres­i­dency, his busi­nesses through­out the world – not just The 700 Club— and ev­ery­thing he stands for could be in ab­so­lute jeop­ardy. He knows what Hil­lary thinks about his op­er­a­tions. In back­ing Gi­u­liani, he’s try­ing to pro­tect his many in­ter­ests be­cause he thinks Rudy is the GOP can­di­date most likely to beat Hil­lary. To his mind, Rudy is the lesser of two evils.

I’m sure he said to him­self, “Sure, Rudy is pro-choice and for gay rights and li­cens­ing of guns, and all th­ese lib­eral is­sues but look at Mitt Rom­ney, he’s a Mor­mon, a mem­ber of a cult.”

I think he un­der­stood that many con­ser­va­tive Chris­tians op­pose Rom­ney ex­actly be­cause he is a Mor­mon and would be more up­set if he were to back Mitt in­stead of Rudy.

Tak­ing all this into ac­count, Pat Robert­son sees Gi­u­liani ris­ing in the polls, Hil­lary slip­ping, Rom­ney lag­ging back in the na­tional polls, and ap­par­ently con­cludes that Gi­u­liani is a win­ner and he wants to be on Rudy’s side when he reaches the Oval Of­fice.

The same ap­plies to the peo­ple back­ing Hil­lary. They know how vin­dic­tive the Clin­tons are and how vin­dic­tive the Democrats are, and they un­der­stand what will hap­pen to them is they don’t get be­hind Hi­lary now, when it counts, and not af­ter she wins when their back­ing would be mean­ing­less.

The bot­tom line is there is al­ways the fear that if you get on the wrong side when it counts, you’ll be frozen out when it comes to shar­ing in the spoils.

This is what Pat Robert­son is show­ing us by get­ting be­hind Rudy now, still early in the game. In Robert­son’s opin­ion, Rudy will go all the way, and he wants to be at the win­ner’s side when he en­ters the win­ner’s cir­cle.

He knows that the guy who gets there first is the guy who gets the most when it gets where it’s go­ing.

That ques­tion will be put to Pat Robert­son, not Rudy Gi­u­liani, be­cause Rudy is not chang­ing his po­si­tion. Pat Robert­son, on the other hand, is mak­ing a 180de­gree turn from his ve­he­ment op­po­si­tion to Rudy’s stand on the moral is­sues.

It’s go­ing to be in­ter­est­ing to see how Robert­son an­swers those in­evitable ques­tions.

The real an­swer, of course, is that af­ter Rudy wins the elec­tion he will be able to say, “Rudy, I brought the Chris­tian com­mu­nity in when Dr. Dob­son and all the other Chris­tian com­mu­nity lead­ers were chas­ing them away from you, and now you owe me big time.”

And he can look at the de­feated Hil­lary and say, “You don’t scare me one lit­tle bit.”


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