Mea­sur­ing up

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One day I told my em­ployer’s four year old son that we should start mark­ing his height on the back of the closet door.

Each time he came to visit he would ask, “Have I grown any since last week?” He would back up con­fi­dently, very straight and tall, as I took my pen­cil and marked the no­tice­able progress. When it came time for him to leave, I would al­ways say, “See you later, al­li­ga­tor.” He would re­ply, “Af­ter while, croc­o­dile.”

Sev­eral vis­its later, he came by to see me af­ter he and his mom had fin­ished shop­ping for new school clothes. He came run­ning in, breath­lessly, and begged me to stop my work and see how tall he had got­ten.

Sure enough, over the sum­mer, he had gained sev­eral inches and had out­grown his clothes. He was so proud. I asked, “Adam, what are you do­ing to get so tall?” He said, “Oh, I eat ba­nanas!” As he got ready to leave that day, he must have no­ticed that I had gained some ex­tra pounds too. I said, “See you later, al­li­ga­tor.” And he replied, “In the fall, but­ter­ball!”

Af­ter the laugh­ter in the of­fice died down, I started to think about how im­por­tant growth is to our well be­ing. While Adam had grown tall and slen­der, I had got­ten phys­i­cally and spir­i­tu­ally lazy. God ex­pects us to be good stew­ards of our life and to al­ways be ready to give an ac­count of our growth.

Can you imag­ine how pleased God would be if we would run ex­cit­edly to him in our devo­tional time, and say, “Fa­ther, have I grown spir­i­tu­ally to­day?” Are we read­ing the Bi­ble and spend­ing time in prayer to en­sure that we are on track with God’s plan for our life? How would we mea­sure up?

2 Peter 3:18 teaches us to grow in the grace and knowl­edge of our Lord and Sav­ior Je­sus Christ. Each day as we spend time with him in fel­low­ship and prayer, we be­come stronger Chris­tians and bet­ter equipped for ser­vice.

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