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An­i­mals see with two kinds of cells on their retina, both named ac­cord­ing to shape. “ Rods” are sen­si­tive and work well in low light but only de­tect gen­eral shapes in black, white, and gray. “ Cones” re­quire more light to func­tion but dis­tin­guish de­tails in color. Birds of prey that are ac­tive dur­ing the day have densely- packed cone cells, al­low­ing them to see de­tails from a dis­tance. Most noc­tur­nal an­i­mals have few or no cone cells but lots of rods. This abun­dance of light- catch­ing cells plus a re­flect­ing layer of tis­sue (the tape­tum lu­cidum) al­lows owls, coy­otes, and bob­cats to see well at night.

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