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My friends had an op­por­tu­nity to re­al­ize a long awaited dream of build­ing their own home. For years, she and her hus­band had been in­stru­men­tal in keep­ing the nurs­ery and work­ing in the Sun­day school de­part­ment at church. But when the build­ing process started, they grad­u­ally gave ex­cuses why they couldn’t serve.

When I told her we missed them, she asked me to pray that God would elim­i­nate some of the prob­lems they were ex­pe­ri­enc­ing so they could get back into church. Since they both worked full time, they had been pour­ing all their en­ergy into fin­ish­ing the house and yard on the week­ends.

The front yard had lots of rock and stumps and be­cause her hus­band had back trou­ble, she felt she should help him with the task. Later that day, she told her hus­band that she felt badly be­cause they had been miss­ing church and be­lieved God would help them if they set their pri­or­i­ties straight.

They both agreed to be in church the very next Sun­day.

Satur­day af­ter­noon, she left to go to a baby shower at church. About an hour later, her hus­band looked out­side to see some­one un­load­ing heavy equip­ment in the front yard. He went out­side and asked the worker what he was do­ing.

The man replied, “ Don’t worry about a thing. My boss sent me to grade your yard.”

Puz­zled, he walked back to the house.

As he watched from the front porch, he thought per­haps his wife had said some­thing to one of her friends at the shower who knew some­one in the grad­ing busi­ness. The rocky yard was soon trans­formed into smooth ground.

Shortly, a truck came to a screech­ing halt and the driver ran to the man on the bull­dozer. They talked for a few min­utes, and he left. What the hus­band did not know was a com­pany had sent this man to the wrong ad­dress. When they re­al­ized their mis­take, they thought it was best to fin­ish the job, free of charge, as an act of good will.

As the sun was start­ing to set, the wife re­turned home. She looked amazed as she asked her hus­band how they could af­ford the heavy equip­ment. He con­fessed that he didn’t have a clue how this came about.

They both walked out­side to talk to the man and fi­nally learned what had hap­pened. They thanked him for fin­ish­ing a task in one af­ter­noon that would have taken them both weeks to com­plete. My friends be­come con­scious that their pri­or­i­ties had been out of or­der and asked God to for­give them for putting him last.

God truly digs our prob­lems. He needs work­ers in church and wants us to look to him for so­lu­tions with­out sac­ri­fic­ing our com­mit­ment. Matthew 6: 33 tells us, “ But seek ye first the king­dom of God, and his right­eous­ness; and all th­ese things shall be added unto you.”

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