Lit­tle Boy’s Es­say On Anatomy

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Your head is kind of round and hard, and your brains are in it and your hair on it. Your face is the front of your head where you eat and make faces. Your neck is what keeps your head out of your col­lar. It’s hard to keep clean. Your shoul­ders are sort of shelves where you hook your sus­penders on them. Your stom­ach is some­thing that if you do not eat of­ten enough, it hurts, and spinach don’t help none. Your spine is a long bone in your back that keeps you from fold­ing up. Your back is al­ways be­hind you no mat­ter how quick you turn around. Your arms you got to have to pitch with and so you can reach the but­ter. Your fin­gers stick out of your hands so you can throw a curve and add up arith­metic. Your legs is what if you have not got two of, you can­not get to first base. Your feet are what you run on, your toes are what al­ways gets stubbed. And that’s all there is of you, ex­cept what’s inside, and I never saw it.

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