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Flow­ers & Cater­ing by Becky: 1160 church St., Nov. 9. 100, pre­vi­ous score 98.

Ge­or­gia Foods: 15151 Prater Dr., Nov. 5. 100, pre­vi­ous score 96.

E.L. Fic­quett: 2207 Wil­liams St., Nov. 13. 100, pre­vi­ous score 99.

Vet­er­ans Me­mo­rial: 13359 Brown Bridge Road, Nov. 7. 100, pre­vi­ous score 99.

Brusters: 3184 Salem Road, Nov. 1. 100, pre­vi­ous score 100.

Town House Café: 1145 Wash­ing­ton St., Oct. 23. 100, pre­vi­ous score 96.

World of Wings: 5340 Ga. High­way 20, Oct. 19. 100, pre­vi­ous score 98.

Sharp School: 3135 New­ton Dr., Nov. 13. 99, pre­vi­ous score 100. Ice build up in walk-in freezer, needs ser­vic­ing (re­pair ice ma­chine).

Bo­jan­gles: 5156 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 13. 99, pre­vi­ous score 85. Light blown at vent hood.

Star­bucks: 3700 Salem Road, Oct. 19. 99, pre­vi­ous score 98. Need in­spec­tion re­port and food ser­vice per­mit posed with 15 feet of fa­cil­ity, must be in pub­lic view.

Mi Tierra: 5240 Ga. High­way 20, Nov. 5. 99. Seal around all plumb­ing fix­tures, need copy of Fire Mar­shall re­port and pest con­trol re­port and fees. OK to is­sue per­mit af­ter fees are paid.

Deb­bie’s Deli & Café: 10 Bird’s Cross­ing, Oct. 26. Gen­eral cleanup af­ter all con­struc­tion is com­plete, need copy of pest con­trol re­port, OK to is­sue per­mit af­ter fees are paid.

Neely’s: 11356 Brown Bridge Road, Nov. 2. 98, pre­vi­ous score 97. Re­pair freezer door.

Peg’s Diner: 3139 Ga. High­way 11, 98. Seal door way at drive through area; paint raw wood shelv­ing at reg­is­ter, need copy of Fire Mar­shall re­port, need pest con­trol let­ter, OK to is­sue per­mit af­ter fees are paid.

Amici Ital­ian Restau­rant: 1133 Church St., Nov. 7. 98, pre­vi­ous score 98. Clean ceil­ing vents and tiles around vents, re­pair cove mold­ing be­neath hand sink.

Mamie’s Kitchen Bis­cuits: 11425 Brown Bridge Road, Oct. 25. 97, pre­vi­ous score 100. La­bel bulk food stor­age in dry goods area.

Henderson’s: 11885 Ga. High­way 36, Nov. 6. 97, pre­vi­ous score 97. Shield all lights in walk-ins and at vent hood, need ther­mome­ters in all cool­ers.

Coun­try Kitchen: 11257 Ga. High­way 36, Nov. 6. 97, pre­vi­ous score 93. Do not store meats above veg­etable items.

Ox­ford Col­lege: Emory Univer­sity, Nov. 5. 97, pre­vi­ous score 98. Re­pair reach-in freezer, re­pair warmer door, re­pair dish­washer where wa­ter leaks, re­place blown lights.

Mamie’s Inc.: 7121 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 25. 97, pre­vi­ous score 95. La­bel bulk sugar con­tainer.

West New­ton: 13387 Brown Bridge Road, Nov. 7. 96, pre­vi­ous score 99. Keep all foods cov­ered in walk-ins (toast in freezer), la­bel all bulk stor­age, la­bel clean­ing bot­tles, re­place blown lights at vent hood, ice build up in walk-in freezer.

Wing Nook:

3665A Salem Road, Oct. 23. 96, pre­vi­ous score 98. Keep all stor­age 6 inches off floor in kitchen and din­ing area, clean ceil­ing vents and tiles around vent hood.

Sub­way: 55 Crow­ell Road, Nov. 2. 96, pre­vi­ous score 88. Keep stor­age 6 inches off floor at end of hall­way, re­move warm­ing unit not in use, re­pair wall in back by stain­less shelv­ing, re­seal all loose cove mold­ing tiles.

El Charro: 9148 MLK Jr. Ave., Oct. 29. 95, pre­vi­ous score 100. La­bel all clean­ing bot­tles, need ther­mome­ters in all cool­ers.

Taco Bell: 6151 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 7. 95, pre­vi­ous score 93. Need ther­mome­ters in all re­frig­er­a­tors and freez­ers, re­pair plumb­ing leaks at sinks in both re­strooms (faucet leaks), seal around ex­haust pipe over hot wa­ter heater (seal all open­ings in ceil­ings), need lid on trash can in ladies re­stroom.

Golf­side Grill: 10400 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Oct. 29. 95, pre­vi­ous score 91. Keep all foods cov­ered in walk-in (chicken), clean floors in walk-in freezer.

Oc­cie’s Tackle Box: 7100 Wash­ing­ton St., Oct. 25. 95, pre­vi­ous score 96. No pa­per tow­els by hand sink, re­pair slid­ing door cooler.

Krys­tal: 3230 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 22. 95, pre­vi­ous score 98. La­bel all clean­ing bot­tles, re­pair coun­ter­top reach-in cooler.

Waf­fle House: 10106 Al­covy Road, Oct. 29. 94, pre­vi­ous score 95. Keep ice scoop han­dle out of ice (in both bins and ice ma­chine), keep tea urn lids on urns and keep pitch­ers cov­ered, cover all foods in two-door reach-in, do not store items in handsink, must air dry all dishes be­fore stor­ing, throw away can opener and re­place.

Man­darin Palace: 3166 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 31. 93, pre­vi­ous score 96. Buck­ets in walk-in need lids, do not store items in hand sink, do not store rep con­tainer on floor dur­ing prep, need ther­mome­ters in all cool­ers, la­bel smaller stor­age buck­ets.

DJ’s Café: 14656 Brown Bridge Road, Oct. 26. 93, pre­vi­ous score 95. Clean racks and shelv­ing in walk-in cooler, do not store items in prep sink.

Blimpie: 3198 Elm St., Nov. 2. 93, pre­vi­ous score 96. Re­place floor­ing where needed, la­bel all clean­ing bot­tlers, re­place counter top, re­place din­ing furniture or re­fur­bish.

GG’s Pizza & Wings: 9148 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 22. 92, pre­vi­ous score 94. La­bel bulk stor­age of dry sugar, la­bel all clean­ing bot­tles, both re­strooms out of pa­per tow­els, re­grout tile floor in ladies re­stroom, re­paint wooden shelf in kitchen.

Sir­loin Sa­loon: 3132 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 1. 92, pre­vi­ous score 100. Do not store ice scoop han­dle in ice at tea sta­tion ice chest, keep all foods cov­ered in re­frig­er­a­tor, do not store veg­etable items be­side meats, clean floor­ing be­neath cook line.

Blimpie Subs and Sal­ads: 3133 Salem Road, Oct. 23. 91, pre­vi­ous score 95. Clean up­per flap inside ice ma­chine, clean wall be­side grill area, keep all stor­age 6 inches off floor in kitchen area, re­pair reach-in and three door up­right cooler.

Wings Un­lim­ited: 10724 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Oct. 31. 87, pre­vi­ous score 93. Clean stain­less be­hind cook line, clean front of fry­ers, clean stain­less ta­ble un­der grill area, need ther­mome­ters in cool­ers, roaches in cabi­net area (some dead), ro­dent drop­pings around base of walls and also in dry stor­age area near fur­nace, clean and scrub floors un­der equip­ment and re­frig­er­a­tors.

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