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Carl Alexan­der Abrams, 19, 8187 Woodman Ave., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 2. Pos­ses­sion, man­u­fac­ture, dis­tri­bu­tion of con­trolled sub­stance (penal­ties), fail­ure to ap­pear.

Brandy Lynne Alexan­der, 35, 3147 U.S. High­way 278, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Con­tribut­ing to the delin­quency of a mi­nor, sim­ple bat­tery, theft by shoplift­ing.

Tau­rus O’Neal Baynes, 23, 75 White Birch Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Sedrick O’Neal Bolden, 27, 65 Brook Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act sim­ple as­sault.

Charles Ed­ward Brown, 38, 10140 Jef­fer­son Vil­lage, Cov­ing­ton, Jan. 31. Two counts child sup­port de­fault.

James Cardale Brown, 21, 6175 Wash­ing­ton St., Cov­ing­ton, Jan. 31. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Gil­bert Lee Burch, 30, 402 Jack Neely Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Fail­ure to ap­pear, child sup­port de­fault.

Ger­ald Jef­fer­son Burns Jr., 29, Thomasville, N.C., Feb. 5. Fail­ure to ap­pear.

Ron­er­cious Martez But­ler, 38, 9166 Bent Pine Court, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Ul­ganda Tianna Colvard, 32, Jack­son, Feb. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, es­cape.

Tommy Lee Craft Jr., 19, 3172 Mill St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Shawn An­to­nio Darty, 35, 9166 Bent Pine Court, Feb. 5. Five counts de­posit ac­count fraud.

Bar­bara Gail Davis, 27, home­less, Feb. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Randy Eu­gene Davis, 29, 15 Re­serve Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I & II drug (metham­phetamine), theft by re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty.

Rod­er­ick James Dead­wyler, 21, 10109 Mag­no­lia Heights, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Two counts fail­ure to ap­pear, con­tempt of court.

Robert Eudean Dear­ing, 57, New­nan, Jan. 31. Court sen­tenced.

David Ly­dell Dukes, 34, Decatur, Feb. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Joshua Adam Dur­den, 24, 900 Stacia Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Court sent to work re­lease.

An­drica Michelle Dyer, 26, 299 Richard Chapel Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. De­posit ac­count fraud, use of fight­ing words, ob­scene and vul­gar lan­guage.

April Jane Free­man, 26, Mon­roe, Feb. 5. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Jeremy Swayde Free­man, 28, 7129 Spillers Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

An­thony Mor­ris Ge­orge, 41, Mon­ti­cello, Feb. 2. Open con­tainer.

Ant­wone Ly­dell Glover, 21, 6122 Hud­son St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Court sen­tenced.

Jamey La­mar Glover, 36, Cony­ers, Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Terry Dean Gore, 39, 9141 Jef­fer­son Di­vi­sion D, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Split sen­tence to Di­ver­sion Cen­ter.

Cyn­thia Ann Hal­lo­ran, 49, Ocala, Fla., Feb. 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Threadis Lakeisha Har­ris, 25, Cony­ers, Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, es­cape, felony es­cape.

Christo­pher Ant­wann Huff, 26, 8325 Hazel­brand Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Bur­glary, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers.

Barry Bernard James, 35, New­man, Feb. 2. Surety of­fense.

Brit­tany Shad’e Jews, 19, At­lanta, Feb. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Steven Pa­trick Johns, 24, 109 Ox­ford North Road, Ox­ford, Feb. 5. Theft by tak­ing, pa­role vi­o­la­tion.

Jef­frey Clyde Jones, 50, Litho­nia, Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Quinata McTell Lett, 23, 27 Hazel St., Por­terdale, Feb. 5. Court sen­tenced to 90 to 150 days in de­ten­tion cen­ter.

Donna Lea Lind­sey, 50, Cony­ers, Feb. 4. De­posit ac­count fraud, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Brad Wind­ford Maestrey, 26, 5161 New­ton Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Court sent to work re­lease.

Richard Franklin Mapp, 25, 9190 Black­well St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce.

Susan Michelle McNutt, 35, Dublin, Jan. 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

William Christo­pher Phillips, 34, Lithia Springs, Jan. 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Stephen Ken­neth Pope, 20, 846 Camp­bell Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Duty of driver of ve­hi­cle meet­ing or over­tak­ing school bus, reck­less driv­ing.

Chad Alan Rice, 35, Stone Moun­tain, Feb. 2. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Fer­ricko Ecric­cus Rooks, 29, 9170 Black­well St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Court sent to work re­lease.

Charles For­rest Rus­sell, 41, East Point, Fla., Jan. 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Daryl Franklin Rut­ledge, 31, 326 1st St., Cov­ing­ton, Jan. 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Eric Fitzger­ald Smith, 35, 35 Creek­bot­tom Drive, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Justin Allen Smith, 27, Dothan, Ala., Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Ricky La­mar Smith, 42, So­cial Cir­cle, Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Terry Dun­terell Smith, 37, 6161 Nixon Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, ha­bit­ual vi­o­la­tors, speed­ing, im­proper pass­ing, im­proper U-turn on grade.

Terry Lee Smith, 26, Win­ter­ville, Feb. 1. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended or re­voked (first of­fense), no proof of in­sur­ance, no seat belts.

Robert David Sny­der, 26, 114 B East Road, Cov­ing­ton, Jan. 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, child sup­port de­fault.

Joshua James Sor­rells, 21, 130 McCord St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Sec­ond de­gree cru­elty to chil­dren, ag­gra­vated as­sault, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, first de­gree cru­elty to chil­dren.

Johnny La­mar Springer, 43, Gainesville, Feb. 5. Con­tempt of court.

Bobby Shane Strange, 29, Rut­ledge, Feb. 3. False state­ments in mat­ters within ju­ris­dic­tion of state, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, giv­ing false name or ad­dress to law en­force­ment of­fi­cer, first de­gree forgery.

Jeremy Lee Tarp­ley, 26, 79 Myr­tle Grove Lane, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Sale, dis­tri­bu­tion, pos­ses­sion of dan­ger­ous drugs, two counts pos­ses­sion, man­u­fac­ture, dis­tri­bu­tion of con­trolled sub­stances or mar­i­juana (penal­ties), im­proper lane us­age, drugs to be kept in orig­i­nal con­tainer.

El­jay Thorn­ton Jr., 20, 40 Gumtree Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Speed­ing, no child re­straint (4 years and un­der), DUI first of­fense, child en­dan­ger­ment while DUI, con­tempt of court.

Gre­gory Lee Tucker, 36, Cony­ers, Feb. 2. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Gre­gory Lee Web­ster, 22, 70 Wood­field Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Fail­ure to ap­pear, su­pe­rior court bench war­rant.

Des­tiny Leigh Ann Welch, 18, 740 A Crow­ell Road, Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, de­fec­tive equip­ment, li­cense re­quired (sur­ren­der of), mis­de­meanor pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana.

David Lee Wells, 42, Lo­ganville, Feb. 4. Lit­ter­ing high­way, ve­hi­cles to drive on right side of road­way, theft by tak­ing, sec­ond de­gree crim­i­nal dam­age to prop­erty, two counts fail­ure to ap­pear.

Deshawn Lavar White­head, 21, Jack­sonville, Fla., Feb. 5. Su­pe­rior court bench war­rant.

O’Bryan Jatae Wil­liams, 17, 20 Dog­wood Place, Cov­ing­ton, Jan. 21. First de­gree crim­i­nal dam­age to prop­erty, con­tempt of court, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, crim­i­nal at­tempt (bur­glary).

Jeremy Lee Wright, 26, Mon­ti­cello, Feb. 1. Pos­ses­sion of co­caine.

Eric Lee Aikens, 20, 61 Wilm­ing­ton Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 2. Speed­ing, con­tempt of court.

Mar­cus Ter­relle Baker, 25, 15 Macadamia Court, Cov­ing­ton, Jan. 30. Unau­tho­rized dis­tri­bu­tion.

Regi­nald Bryant, 29, 6318 Avery St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Dan Burns Jr., 48, Cony­ers, Feb. 1. De­posit ac­count fraud.

James Ar­nell Col­bert, 36, Cony­ers, Feb. 2. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Joseph Drew Davis, 35, 123 N. Porter St., New­born, Feb. 1. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Alice Teresa Deer­man, 40, 708 Emory St., Ox­ford, Jan. 31. Bur­glary, theft by re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty, Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act bat­tery.

Richard Phillip Deer­man, 36, 708 Emory St., Ox­ford, Jan. 31. Bur­glary, theft by re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty.

Billy Porter Lee East, 29, 230 Gray­stone Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 5. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Steven An­thony El­liott, 21, Cony­ers, Feb. 4. Con­tempt of court.

Vin­cent Thomas Fisher, 40, Mon­ti­cello, Feb. 1. Pos­ses­sion of co­caine, no proof of in­sur­ance.

Francine King Free­man, 42, 326 Sec­ond Ave., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 2. De­posit ac­count fraud.

John Levi Gaither, 35, 7125 Puck­ett St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 2. No proof of in­sur­ance, two counts op­er­a­tion of ve­hi­cle with­out cur­rent li­cense, no tail lights, un­se­cured load.

Jeremy Michael Gower, 17, 4139 Lott St., Cov­ing­ton, Feb. 4. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

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