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This is Su­per­bowl week and al­most 90 mil­lion peo­ple were glued to their tele­vi­sions watch­ing the bat­tle on the grid­iron be­tween the New Eng­land Pa­tri­ots and the New York Gi­ants, as they played Su­per­bowl 42.

While there is no men­tion of foot­ball in the Bi­ble, there were many sport­ing events in the coli­seum at Rome as well as in Athens.

Since Je­sus was a con­tem­po­rary of his times, if he were here to­day in the flesh, he might even talk to us about foot­ball.

There are sev­eral com­par­isons be­tween the Chris­tian life and foot­ball.

There are only two teams in the game. The Su­per­bowl ri­vals this year are fierce op­po­nents, go­ing head- to­head to do what­ever it takes to win. In life there are only two teams in the spir­i­tual bat­tle on the grid­iron of life — the teams of God vs. Satan; good vs. bad; right vs. wrong. But this bat­tle is one of eter­nal con­se­quences. We are all par­tic­i­pants. None of us can re­main neu­tral. We all have to choose whose side we are on.

The stands are full of fans cheer­ing us on. Some 73,000 fans will be in the sta­dium at the Univer­sity of Phoenix, with mil­lions of oth­ers watch­ing the game on television. All will be cheer­ing for their teams. The word “ fans” is short for “ fa­natic.” Heaven’s grand­stands are full of those, no longer in the game of life, but cheer­ing us on in our spir­i­tual bat­tle.

We are part of a great team. The Su­per­bowl will not be won by any one per­son, but through a team ef­fort. Ev­ery­one on the team is vi­tal to the suc­cess of the en­tire team. Ev­ery player is im­por­tant, and each per­son con­trib­utes by fill­ing their po­si­tion.

We must give 100 per­cent if we are to win. The play­ers of the Su­per­bowl will give ev­ery­thing within them to win the game. They have dis­ci­plined them­selves and have prac­ticed and worked hard, beat­ing their ri­vals this sea­son, to make it to the Su­per­bowl. We too, must give 100 per­cent if we are go­ing to win in the game of life.

We have a play book. Foot­ball teams have a play book. Each player mem­o­rizes the plays and knows their spe­cific role in ex­e­cut­ing the play. As Chris­tians, we too, have a play book — the Bi­ble. We need to be familiar with all the plays so we can go out onto the field and face our op­po­nent with con­fi­dence and with the strat­egy to over­come him. We too, must play by the rules and stay in the pre­scribed bound­aries.

We have a coach. The Su­per­bowl coaches will be call­ing the plays and giv­ing their best lead­er­ship to take their team to vic­tory. We too have a coach, Je­sus Christ. We are to lis­ten to his calls and ex­e­cute his plays and keep our eyes fo­cused on him and his lead­er­ship.

We must have a strong de­fense and ef­fec­tive of­fense. Both are nec­es­sary to win the game. We must hold back the forces of the op­po­nents and drive them back into their own ter­ri­tory.

We must ex­pect op­po­si­tion. There will be block­ing, tack­ling, fum­bling, in­ter­cept­ing, run­ning, and throw­ing. The Su­per­bowl, as well as life, is a fight. Ex­pect op­po­si­tion and be well- pre­pared to bat­tle your way through to the goal line.

We must run pa­tiently to­ward the goal line. The ob­ject is to make it to the goal line and make the touch­down and score the ex­tra point. We can­not be dis­tracted with what is be­hind us, but ea­gerly look ahead to what is be­fore us.

We have been guar­an­teed the vic­tory. While no one knows who will win the Su­per­bowl un­til the fi­nal buzzer, as Chris­tians, we have al­ready been guar­an­teed the vic­tory.

You can be a win­ner in God’s Su­per­bowl. Keep run­ning the race, bat­tling the op­po­nents, fol­low­ing the play book, and press­ing to­wards the goal. Most of all, keep your eyes on Je­sus and al­low him to coach you to vic­tory in the game of life.

The Rev. Wayne Ruther­ford LifePointe Church of the


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