Green tea

Use­ful in your belly and in your home

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Nutri­tion­ists have long touted the health ben­e­fits of green tea. It’s power-packed with an­tiox­i­dants, mak­ing it a dis­ease fighter and gen­er­ally healthy brew to en­joy.

But the ben­e­fits of green tea do not need to end at tea time. Green tea leaves can be re­cy­cled for many other pur­poses around the home and gar­den. The “green” in green tea can take on a new con­no­ta­tion when this en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly prod­uct is used in new ways.

The same an­tiox­i­dant in­gre­di­ents in green tea are also known for their odor­ab­sorb­ing abil­i­ties. Tea is loaded with cat­e­chins — the an­tiox­i­dant sub­stances. The cat­e­chins have an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties that make tea leaves great for fight­ing odor. Usu­ally the tea leaves need to be dried be­fore use as a de­odor­izer. To do so, sim­ply put the wet tea leaves into a strainer and spread out. Press the leaves to re­move as much mois­ture as pos­si­ble. Then al­low to air dry, turn­ing the leaves over sev­eral times in the process.

Pet Beds/ Lit­ter Boxes: Sprin­kle dried tea leaves onto a pet bed, blan­ket or pil­low. The leaves will help dis­si­pate any foul pet odors. The same tech­nique can be ap­plied with lit­ter boxes. The tea leaves help re­move odor and can re­pel fleas from dogs and cats.

Car­pet­ing: Skip the chem­i­cal car­pet de­odor­izer and use dried tea leaves in­stead. Sprin­kle over the car­pet, let sit 10 to 15 min­utes and then vac­uum.

Re­frig­er­a­tor/Kitchen: Put used wet tea leaves or bags in a bowl in the re­frig­er­a­tor to help ab­sorb odors from strong- smelling foods. Wet tea leaves can also be used to rid hands of the smell of gar­lic or onions af­ter prepa­ra­tion.

Gar­den: Sprin­kle the tea leaves into the gar­den as a form of mulch and nu­tri­tion to plants.

Clean­ing: In some East­ern cul­tures, a so­lu­tion of tea is used to dis­in­fect and cleanse things like yoga and sleep­ing mats.

Use tea for de­odor­iz­ing and clean­ing where ap­pli­ca­ble. Just note that wet tea leaves can stain, so test in an in­con­spic­u­ous area be­fore us­ing on a large area.

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