A Drink for the thirsty

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Have you ever had that thirst that just wouldn’t be quenched? Wa­ter wasn’t work­ing. Ga­torade wouldn’t do it. You just stayed thirsty? Maybe you have. Now… have you ever felt that spir­i­tu­ally — where you just felt in­com­plete, like some­thing was miss­ing and you couldn’t quite put your fin­ger on it? If you’ve ever thought about the mean­ing of life for very long, I’m sure you’ve felt that thirst. Augustine, a leader in the early church, once prayed, “ Our hearts are rest­less, O Lord, un­til they find rest in you.” Have you felt that? Good. At least now we’re be­ing hon­est — not try­ing to de­ceive our­selves that “ I’m fine just like I am on my own.” Now, what to do about that thirst? Well, you need a drink. But not just any­thing will cut it. You need the right thirst quencher. And that’s what Je­sus gives in our text to­day. He found him­self at a well with noth-

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