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Con­sider adding a tex­tured sten­cil to your house

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Look­ing for a new way to add tex­ture and di­men­sion to your home dé­cor? Con­sider a tex­tured sten­cil. It is a quick and rel­a­tively easy way to add style and di­men­sion to any painted sur­face. With a few sim­ple tools, and some tips from dec­o­ra­tive paint­ing ex­perts, you can in­stantly up­date the look of any room. Fol­low th­ese steps from Mod­ern Masters ® for a pro­fes­sional look­ing project:

Start with a pre­vi­ously painted or primed sur­face that is clean, dry and free of dust. Be­fore you be­gin, gather all of your sten­cil­ing ma­te­ri­als in one place — sten­cils, painters’ tape or repo­si­tion­able spray ad­he­sive, mea­sur­ing tape, metal trowel, tex­tur­ing medium — and make sure the sur­face you’re about to sten­cil is dry and sound.

Se­lect a sten­cil for your project. Sten­cils can be pur­chased at paint and craft stores ev­ery­where and are avail­able in nearly ev­ery shape and size imag­in­able. Mod­ern Masters makes a line of Royal Sten­cil Ex­clu­sives that are avail­able in 20 de­signs in four dif­fer­ent de­signer styles to spur your imag­i­na­tion. Choose from Or­na­men­tal, Ex­otic Worlds, Far East or Botan­i­cals styles.

Fol­low the ref­er­ence guide lo­cated on the sten­cil and po­si­tion it on the cor­rect area on the wall. Use painters’ tape or repo­si­tion­able spray ad­he­sive to po­si­tion the sten­cil onto the de­sired area and press firmly down.

For a di­men­sional ef­fect, use Mod­ern Masters Tex­ture Ef­fects Multi- Pur­pose Tex­tur­ing Medium in­stead of or­di­nary la­tex paint. This wa­ter- base acrylic plas­ter­like medium can be tinted to any de­sired color at your lo­cal paint store, or with uni­ver­sal col­orants. Highly durable and ver­sa­tile, Tex­ture Ef­fects can be used as an all over wall tex­ture or for sten­cil­ing, raised re­lief, heavy dis­tressed tex­tures and to cor­rect wall im­per­fec­tions. It is wa­ter- re­sis­tant, will not shrink or crack while dry­ing like other tex­tur­ing medi­ums, and is hard once cured. For the ul­ti­mate tex­tured look, cre­ate an over all tex­tured wall fin­ish with Tex­ture Ef­fects and when dry, add a sten­ciled look us­ing the tex­tur­ing medium again.

Us­ing a flat an­gle, trowel Tex­ture Ef­fects over and through the sten­cil us­ing a light, even pres­sure like ic­ing a cake to keep the ma­te­rial from be­ing pushed un­der the sten­cil. Once you have the tex­ture smooth and even, care­fully lift the sten­cil pulling straight away from the wall and ad­mire your work. Re­peat the pat­tern and tex­ture through­out the sur­face to achieve your de­sired ef­fect.

To learn more about dec­o­ra­tive paint­ing tech­niques and prod­ucts avail­able, visit www. mod­ern­mas­ters. com, or call Mod­ern Masters at ( 800) - 942- 3166.

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