Sac­ri­fic­ing ba­bies on the al­ter of con­ve­nience

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This is an an­niver­sary year for the dis­as­trous Roe vs.. Wade de­ci­sion. Since it is also an elec­tion year, the rhetoric seems to be mag­ni­fied. Even though our laws and com­mon sense tell us that an un­born life is still a life, we con­tinue to sac­ri­fice do­ing the cor­rect thing on the al­tar of con­ve­nience.

Let’s look at some facts. In our le­gal sys­tem, if a drunk driver strikes and kills a preg­nant wo­man, he or she will be charged and con­victed of a dou­ble homi­cide.

The prece­dence set by such de­ci­sion is a recog­ni­tion that a life in the womb is con­sid­ered a vi­able hu­man life and reck­less con­duct on the part of an­other that re­sults in the ces­sion of that un­born life is in fact in­vol­un­tary man­slaugh­ter.

Yet this same law gives women the right to end that same life un­der the guise that un­til ac­tual birth, it is not a life at all. This is a log­i­cal and le­gal in­con­sis­tency.

Of course there is the stan­dard ar­gu­ment that a wo­man has the right to con­trol what hap­pens in her own body. This ar­gu­ment is fal­la­cious on so many lev­els. While it seems to work in this one area of the hu­man re­pro­duc­tive life, try that ar­gu­ment in other ar­eas. “ It’s my body, I have the right to fill it with il­le­gal drugs if I want.” That ar­gu­ment will not stand up in court and we all know it.

Now, one may try to ar­gue that I’m com­par­ing ap­ples with or­anges here.

We all know that drug and al­co­hol abuse ends up af­fect­ing other lives than just the per­son claim­ing the right to de­stroy their own bod­ies with th­ese sub­stances. Drug ad­dicts many times turn to crime to sup­port their habits.

Al­co­holics who drink and drive kill more peo­ple on our high­ways each year than have been killed in the last three wars com­bined. That’s the prover­bial ap­ple.

The prover­bial orange is that women who de­cide on an abor­tion hurt no one. The ar­gu­ment that, “ I have the right to do with my own body what I wish,” even if we grant that con­tention, the ar­gu­ment falls short be­cause in the long run their de­ci­sion to abort does af­fect an­other. It is not the wo­man who is los­ing her life by that de­ci­sion; it is an un­born, in­no­cent child. This ar­gu­ment of per­sonal right over one’s own body might be con­sid­ered valid by some, but when the deed is done, the “ right” that was ex­er­cised ends the right of an­other hu­man be­ing al­to­gether. It’s like the story of the chicken and the pig. “ The pig and the chicken were on their way to break­fast, try­ing to de­cide what to have. When chicken said, Let’s have ham and eggs. The pig then replied, That’s fine for you, it’s a small do­na­tion on your part, but it’s a to­tal sac­ri­fice for me.”

That’s pretty much what the “ my body, my right” ar­gu­ment is. It may be even a dif­fi­cult sac­ri­fice on the wo­man’s part, but it is still a to­tal sac­ri­fice on the baby’s part. Even in an­cient Is­rael the vi­a­bil­ity of the un­born child was rec­og­nized ( See Ex­o­dus 21: 2223).

Some, read­ing this col­umn may have al­ready had an abor­tion. What about you? I can­not know the emo­tional agony and pain you may have gone through.

I can­not know the des­per­a­tion you may have felt when you made that dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion. I can’t feel your pain, but I know one who can. I know that God still loves you and he can and will for­give you if you will turn to him.

Per­haps you are read­ing this ar­ti­cle and you even now are strug­gling with a de­ci­sion to keep or abort your baby. I want you to know there are peo­ple in the com­mu­nity who care for you and want to help you.

Rock­dale County Cri­sis Preg­nancy Cen­ter is a won­der­ful re­source that we en­joy in our lo­cal area. They can help. You are not alone.

John Pear­rell


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