“I am the Son of God”

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Of all the claims Christ made, of all the ti­tles he as­sumed; of all the de­scrip­tions he gave of him­self, none is more im­por­tant or sig­nif­i­cant than the fact that he claimed to be the son of God (John 10:36).

If Je­sus is not whom he claimed to be, then Chris­tian­ity is a myth, we are all de­ceived, and our faith is empty. If Je­sus is not whom he claimed to be, then he was an im­poster, a fake, a liar. Also, our hope is in vain.

But if Christ is re­ally whom he claimed to be, then our great­est hopes and as­pi­ra­tions can be re­al­ized, life has mean­ing and pur­pose and sal­va­tion is placed within the reach of ev­ery per­son.

Je­sus was in­deed the one and only son of the Liv­ing God. From the an­gelic an­nounce­ment to Joseph of Christ’s con­cep­tion, to Mary’s an­nounce­ment by the an­gel, they were told that Je­sus was Emmanuel, God with us, the son of God.

In sev­eral dif­fer­ence in­stances, Je­sus is de­clared to be the son of God. From his bap­tism to his in­ter­view with Ni­code­mus, from the cast­ing out of demons to his walk­ing on the wa­ter, from in­stance to in­stance and in story af­ter story, the same re­al­ity clearly emerges. Je­sus was more than an­other man. He was the son of God. He was more than hu­man; he was divine.

Peter con­fessed: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Liv­ing God” (Matthew 16:15). Je­sus said upon the rock of Peter’s con­fes­sion, He would build a church so strong, that even the gates of hell would not pre­vail against it.

Noth­ing is more crit­i­cal or cen­tral to our faith than who Je­sus is. Yet on the Cross, we see the great­est ex­tent and ex­treme to which Je­sus would go to save a fallen and sin­ful hu­man­ity. There he suf­fered, bled and died for your sins, my sins and the sins of ev­ery hu­man be­ing on planet earth.

At the mo­ment Je­sus died, the sun was dark­ened; the veil of the tem­ple was torn in two from top to bot­tom; there was a great earth­quake, rocks split, and graves were opened and some of the dead were raised to life and went back into the city. This was more than an­other cru­ci­fix­ion. This was Je­sus, the son of God, dy­ing for the sin prob­lem of hu­man­ity.

We hear the cen­tu­rion in charge of his ex­e­cu­tion say­ing: “Surely this man was the Son of God” (Matthew 27:54).

Three days later, as the Son of God, he was raised to life again by the power of the Fa­ther, declar­ing him to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever­more.

God loved us so much that he sent his only son into this world to live, die and rise again for us.

Now, you and I can be­come chil­dren of God through faith in Christ’s fin­ished work. We can be­come his sons and daugh­ters.

(John 1:12) Not only a son, but an heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ (Gala­tians 4:7).

As Christ was God in­car­nate, so he wants to con­tinue to be in­car­nate in each of us, as we bear his re­sem­blance and are made anew in his like­ness as his chil­dren.

Je­sus was the son of God. You and I can join the fam­ily, too. Turn to him and trust him as your per­sonal Sav­ior and Lord to­day.

Rev. Wayne Ruther­ford LifePointe Church of the


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