How the Palin ploy plays here

Looking back, Sonny didn’t have a chance to get on the McCain ticket. He just had too much stuff in his back­ground: Oaky Woods, the Con­fed­er­ate flag, Dis­ney World prop­erty. Still, he’s close to McCain and stands ready to help.

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You will never see me write again that the Repub­li­can Party is the dumb party. Cor­rupt maybe, or hyp­o­crit­i­cal or to­bacco road­ish, but never dumb.

The se­lec­tion of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s run­ning mate was the slick­est tac­ti­cal move I have seen in pol­i­tics. It took the wind right out of the Democrats’ sails and swept Barack Obama’s name out of the head­lines. As soon as Palin was an­nounced, that hiss­ing sound you heard was the air go­ing out of the don­keys’ mo­men­tum.

Though, for the life of me, I can­not pic­ture in my mind’s eye the Hil­lary Clin­ton sup­porter who would switch to the McCain- Palin ticket be­cause of the per­cep­tion that Sarah has re­placed Hil­lary as the women vot­ers’ cham­pion. Hil­lary’s sup­port­ers are mostly Democrats and In­de­pen­dents. Sarah is an ex­treme Repub­li­can and a strong an­tide­pres­sant for the GOP’s evan­gel­i­cal bloc. The right- wing church folks seemed a bit down af­ter mav­er­ick McCain, a some­times pro- choice guy, won the pri­maries and the nom­i­na­tion. They ought to be feel­ing a whole lot bet­ter now that Palin, an un­con­di­tional anti- abor­tion­ist, is on board.

You have to won­der how a cou­ple of Ge­or­gia’s Repub­li­can big­wigs feel, re­ally feel, about Palin.

Oh, I know what they say. “ Choos­ing her was pure ge­nius.” One even re­ferred pri­vately to her as “ the hot­tie on the ticket.”

Won­der what Gov. Sonny Per­due thinks. At one point early in the guess­ing game for V- P, Per­due’s name was men­tioned as a pos­si­bil­ity. He was an of­fi­cer of the Repub­li­can Gov­er­nors As­so­ci­a­tion when Palin’s star be­gan to rise. And guess what?

The RGA op­posed Sarah Palin for gov­er­nor of Alaska. The or­ga­ni­za­tion tried to get her to drop out of the race. Per­due and his RGA pals went to the aid of in­cum­bent Frank Murkowski, who was beaten by Palin. ( Of course, that is the kind of thing gov­er­nors’ as­so­ci­a­tions typ­i­cally do — help in­cum­bents.)

Let’s be frank about it. Palin prob­a­bly wouldn’t work out as, say, the gov­er­nor of Ge­or­gia. She may not un­der­stand all the perks and re­quire­ments. The first thing she did as gov­er­nor of Alaska was to park the state’s air­plane. Sonny couldn’t wait to try out Ge­or­gia’s mul­ti­ple fly­ing ma­chines when he won the keys to the man­sion and the Peach State air force.

Palin is an out­spo­ken critic of gov­ern­ment pork. She even op­posed her own state’s mul­ti­mil­lion- dol­lar bridge to nowhere. I’m al­ways sus­pi­cious of pub­lic of­fi­cials who make too much of a tad of pork bar­rel. I guess that’s just the poor South­erner in me. Why send some­one to Wash­ing­ton if they don’t plan to bring back a lit­tle some­thing?

One other thing: Gov. Palin’s in­volved in a state pa­trol scan­dal. Some­thing about try­ing to have her brother- in- law fired from the pa­trol af­ter he beat up her sis­ter. Sounds like she would fit right in with our crowd down at the trailer park, right, Sonny? Be­sides, show me a gov­er­nor, any gov­er­nor, and I’ll show you state pa­trol scan­dals. They go with the of­fice.

Looking back, Sonny didn’t have a chance to get on the McCain ticket. He just had too much stuff in his back­ground: Oaky Woods, the Con­fed­er­ate flag, Dis­ney World prop­erty. Still, he’s close to McCain and stands ready to help. Re­mem­ber last Thurs­day? When a ma­jor po­lit­i­cal party chose to nom­i­nate for the first time an African Amer­i­can for pres­i­dent, McCain hauls out Per­due to hit Obama with a mes­sage that Amer­ica’s not ready for an Obama. Per­due is­sued his state­ment on the 45th an­niver­sary of Dr. King’s Lin­coln Memo­rial Speech.

Af­ter the Demo­cratic con­ven­tion in Den­ver, an­other prom­i­nent Ge­or­gian came to mind. Sen. Sam Nunn, re­port­edly an ad­viser to Obama on for­eign pol­icy, also was men­tioned for vice pres­i­dent. And the Democrats in­deed chose as their V- P a nonSouth­ern Nunn type, Sen. Joe Bi­den, an ex­pert on in­ter­na­tional mat­ters.

The big dif­fer­ences be­tween Nunn and Bi­den: Nunn doesn’t come close to match­ing Bi­den in the hot- air depart­ment. Obama fig­ures he doesn’t need any of the old Con­fed­er­acy to win, un­less one counts Vir­ginia and Florida as OC states. So Nunn was out.

If Obama wins, Nunn would cer­tainly be in line for a cab­i­net- level post, and so would Per­due if McCain tri­umphs.

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