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InWed­nes­day’s edi­tion of the pa­per, right here on our opin­ion page, was a col­umn writ­ten by our se­nior re­porter Rachael Oswald. In her col­umn she ex­pressed her feel­ings about Sara Palin’s can­di­dacy. Her thoughts, which were own thoughts, ruf­fled the feathers of some folks who have op­pos­ing thoughts about Gov. Palin.

Dur­ing Mon­day’s Por­terdale city coun­cil meet­ing, some mem­bers of that coun­cil took of­fense to some of our ed­i­to­rial com­ments. There was also a ques­tion brought up on who writes our editorials.

Since there seems to be some con­fu­sion about what an opin­ion page is, we thought we would ex­plain.

We re­serve the right side of this page for open opin­ions to be used free of charge by any­one in our com­mu­nity who has con­cerns about their com­mu­nity. We also run syndicated columnists. Do we al­ways agree with our guest columnists or our syndicated columnists? No, we don’t. We run their opin­ions be­cause we hope that their thoughts and in­sights will make you think, and cre­ate a di­a­logue, and we en­cour­age you to re­spond if you agree or dis­agree.

We also en­cour­age let­ters to the ed­i­tor. We just ask that if you have an opin­ion, please have the courage to sign your name and leave us a valid phone num­ber so we can con­firm the let­ter was writ­ten by the per­son who sub­mit­ted it.

The col­umn you are read­ing now we re­serve for our opin­ions. The folks who are re­spon­si­ble for the opin­ions shown here are listed at the top. They in­clude the pub­lisher, the gen­eral man­ager and the manag­ing ed­i­tor. They can be con­tacted at any time by phone or by e-mail. We try our best to pro­voke crit­i­cal think­ing in our editorials as well as to be fair and ac­cu­rate. If we ever run some­thing on this page and it is wrong, we will cor­rect it.

The three of us on the ed­i­to­rial board have dif­fer­ent opin­ions from time to time, but through con­sen­sus we make a judg­ment we feel is best for our com­mu­nity. Do you have to agree with what we say ev­ery time? Of course not.

We take the time to do an opin­ion page be­causewe­feel a news­pa­per should be the place where lively and open dis­cus­sions can and should be pre­sented. A free so­ci­ety stays free be­cause its cit­i­zens par­tic­i­pate and share their views and are will­ing to act on those views.

We are proud to be the care­tak­ers of The Cov­ing­ton News which ev­eryWed­nes­day, Fri­day and Sun­day is an em­bod­i­ment and pro­tec­tor of our First Amend­ment to the Con­sti­tu­tion which says, “Congress shall make no law re­spect­ing an es­tab­lish­ment of re­li­gion or pro­hibit­ing the free ex­er­cise thereof: or abridg­ing the free­dom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the peo­ple peace­ably to as­sem­ble and to pe­ti­tion the gov­ern­ment for a re­dress of griev­ances.”

Please con­tact us; we will al­ways take the time to talk with and lis­ten to you.

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