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My life is the Lord’s

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Deuteron­omy 32:39 We all want a death with dig­nity, right? None of us wants to suf­fer too long. None of us wants to be help­less. Death with dig­nity just sounds right.

Or does it? That whole “death with dig­nity” thing has been used to ex­cuse 341 mur­ders in the state of Ore­gon in the last decade, 49 last year alone. And world­wide, the num­ber sky­rock­ets. They use terms like mercy killing, euthana­sia (which lit­er­ally means “good death”), and physi­cian as­sisted sui­cide. God has an­other term for those things: mur­der…sin.

You see, this thing called life is not some­thing we have the right to take. That’s what our text tells us to­day.

“There is no god be­sides me. I put to death and I bring to life, I have wounded and I will heal, and no one can de­liver out of my hand.”

For the next three weeks we’ll be talk­ing about how we view our life, specif­i­cally when it comes to think­ing about death. And our text this week re­ally drives home the truth that it isn’t ours to con­trol. It is God’s. And we say, “Amen” to that, don’t we? “Yes, God, you are in con­trol.” Right?

Un­til we re­mem­ber that thing called worry, which is re­ally us say­ing God isn’t re­ally in con­trol. And then we think of the thoughts we have when it comes to death, and we fig­ure we know bet­ter than God when we or our loved ones should die. In Sun­day morn­ing Bi­ble study, we’re looking at God’s word for all of those ques­tions of pulling the plug and feed­ing tubes, and DNR or­ders, and it re­ally boils down to one thing: God is in con­trol.

He couldn’t be any clearer than he is in our text. He gave us life, and he con­trols death. He even takes credit for be­ing the one who wounds and the one who heals. Ev­ery­thing God al­lows in our life: joy or pain, health or death— all of it is for our good.

Be­cause, you see, God has promised to heal. And he has. For all of our sins of putting our wants and our thoughts above God, he did heal. Je­sus took on a death that had ab­so­lutely noth­ing of dig­nity in it. Death never does, be­cause it is the re­sult of sin.

But, Je­sus re­moved sin from our death by suf­fer­ing for it all in his. He was stripped of all honor and even his clothes, as they cast lots for his gar­ments. He was whipped and beaten and abused, al­low­ing those sin­ners to di­rect where he went and by­standers to hurl in­sults. Je­sus went through the dis­grace of death to give us ac­tual dig­nity. He gave us the dig­nity that comes with our names as God’s chil­dren. He gave us the dig­nity of an in­vi­ta­tion to the ban­quet of heaven. He has won for us the dig­nity of an eter­nity of honor and re­spect and per­fec­tion.

Yes, it makes sense for us to re­joice that our lives are the Lord’s.

Come next week and let’s cel­e­brate that truth to­gether. Amen.

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