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Be­cause Hur­ri­cane Ike is sweep­ing across the Gulf of Mex­ico, where there are many oil re­finer­ies and drilling sta­tions, the oil com­pa­nies have once again taken an op­por­tu­nity to gouge the Amer­i­can pub­lic at the pump.

There are re­ports that gas is as high $5.00 a gal­lon on the Gulf Coast. In our area it has jumped up 30 to 40 cents a gal­lon. We live in free mar­ket so­ci­ety, in which oil com­pa­nies can charge what they want for their prod­uct as any other com­pany has the right to do.

In Cal­i­for­nia there is a law for ev­ery­thing in­clud­ing price gouging. How­ever, it has no teeth and does noth­ing to con­trol the price of gas.

So it makes no sense to scream for gov­ern­ment con­trol when this type of gouging hap­pens, be­cause it won’t work.

It does prove one point when this hap­pens — we need al­ter­na­tive en­ergy. That is some­thing the gov­ern­ment can help and should de­velop.

The gov­ern­ment should also free up some the na­tion’s fuel re­serves when this hap­pens in or­der to flood the mar­ket with gas.

The peo­ple run­ning the oil com­pa­nies and perpetrating th­ese usury prac­tices on strug­gling Amer­i­cans, some­day will pay the price be­cause their prac­tices are de­spi­ca­ble and im­moral.

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