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make much coin as it is so for­get all that non­sense. I’m safer at home. But sit­ting around the house can get te­dious. That’s why fan­tasy foot­ball has re­vi­tal­ized my Sun­day’s.

I’m not the owner of my fan­tasy team. That honor goes to my wife. Call me the head coach with some per­son­nel de­ci­sion-mak­ing power. I’m kind of like Dan Reeves mi­nus the los­ing record (at least so far. I’ll go more into that in a minute). We have started off the year 2-0 and are com­ing off a 147-114 past­ing of one of my wife’s co-work­ers (Denny, you're all right). But the re­ally cool thing is we have two of the top four quar­ter­backs right now and our third run­ning back, Matt Forte, is creep­ing his way into the top-10. I went out on a limb and snagged Aaron Rogers while every­one else was scram­bling to pick up guys like Jeremy Shockey and Joey Gal­loway. So far, Rogers has scored 31 points for us. Last week I sat him and he would have scored 26. We chose to go with our No. 1 quar­ter­back, Jay Cut­ler, last week and he scored a solid 23. What did Cut­ler do Sun­day? Well, 38 points, but he sat on the bench for us. As you see, we have a quar­ter­back con­tro­versy brew­ing. Who should we start? Who cares if they are both go­ing to give us those kinds of num­bers.

I will ad­mit we stole a win in our first game. The team we played last week had Tom Brady as its main guy. He went down in the first quar­ter and every­one knows the rest. But no­body can deny we laid the wood on our op­po­nent this week (Denny, you got Grif­fen next. Take out your frus­tra­tions on the kid brother).

I’m dig­ging fan­tasy foot­ball. I do have to lis­ten to a bunch of hot air from talk­ing heads like Tiki Bar­ber and Michael Stra­han but what­ever. I can sift through the bull. But the best thing that has come out of fan­tasy foot­ball for me is my team owner. This is the first time in five years to­gether I have en­joyed watch­ing foot­ball again. Fan­tasy foot­ball has given my wife a rea­son to get into the sport that has flowed through my veins for nearly three decades. Again, if you’re a na­tive of the At­lanta area, you wouldn’t un­der­stand. But I’m a Bay Area trans­plant and the 49ers played as much a role in my child­hood as my par­ents did.

I love my fan­tasy foot­ball team, es­pe­cially its owner. Maybe col­lege foot­ball would be cool if they did some­thing sim­i­lar. Since that never will hap­pen, I’ll prob­a­bly only ever be a pro foot­ball fan. Sure, I’ll al­ways pull for the Buck­eyes de­spite their last three de­ba­cles against big-time op­po­nents. That’s my wife's team and she de­serves equal at­ten­tion (which is why I don’t mind pay­ing for the Big-10 Net­work even though we had it for free with DirecTV). Ohio State does it the right way. Not to men­tion, it’s pretty dang hard to com­pete on the re­cruit­ing trail with the likes of USC, Ge­or­gia and the Florida schools. Ohio State doesn’t of­fer Play­boy 101 or in­tro to straw cow­boy hat mak­ing. But un­til the NCAA gets a play­off sys­tem, the NFL is the ticket for me.

Sun­days are a day of rest for us all. Many folks go to church while some spend time with fam­ily. For me, it’s a day to watch foot­ball with my wife. I can’t imag­ine any­thing bet­ter. If you haven’t tried it yet, get a fan­tasy foot­ball team. You might just find the line be­tween re­al­ity and fan­tasy may be clearer than you think.

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